Total War Website Countdown is Teasing a Reveal for Next Week


Trash Goblin
Apr 1, 2016
United States
Samtemdo8 said:
Avnger said:
The background image just screams fantasy to me.

Would a proper LOTR total war (I know about the Med 2 mod) be too much to ask?
....I never found Tolkien's work to be 100% all about War?

I mean epic Battles happened be there were moments like adventure in the Hobbit, or romance like Beren and Luthien.

And it feels weird seeing the Human factions within Middle Earth like Rohan and Gondor and Arnor to fight against each other if Gondor feels like it wants to conquer.
One could make the argument that reducing the Roman or Medieval eras to 100% about war is wrong too. I mean, the Battle for Middle Earth games also allowed Rohan vs Gondor and Men vs Elves vs Dwarves too.

Fighting between the western nations of men could be easily explained by a bit of "Sauron corruption" to spread chaos ala the King of Rohan (the Gondor Steward was obviously unstable to begin with).