Trademark Hints at Professor Layton E3 Announcement

Tom Goldman

Crying on the inside.
Aug 17, 2009
Trademark Hints at Professor Layton E3 Announcement

Gentlemanly logic is pointing toward a new Professor Layton announcement at E3 2011.

If puzzles are up your alley, then the Professor Layton [] games are like heroin in videogame form. Fans should get ready for a possible fourth fix with a recent trademark hinting at a new announcement to be made at E3 2011.

Last year, Siliconera discovered a trademark for Professor Layton and the Unwound Future [] less than a month before E3 2010, where Nintendo eventually announced the game for North American release. Now, the site has discovered a Level-5 trademark for Professor Layton and the Last Specter less than two weeks before E3 2011.

This is presumably the translation of the title often referred to as Japan's Professor Layton and the Specter's Flute, the fourth game in the Professor Layton series. If history repeats itself, Last Specter has a good chance to be announced by Nintendo at E3 2011.

There had been some question about whether or not Nintendo would release Last Specter in North America after the release of the 3DS. Last Specter was first released in Japan in November 2009, which gave Level-5 enough time to develop Professor Layton and the Mask of Miracle, the fifth game in the series, as a launch title for the 3DS in the region. The trademark hopefully indicates that Nintendo will not skip out on localizing Last Specter, which is a DS game.

As I follow these things pretty closely, my big question is if Last Specter will include the supposedly 100-hour long RPG called Professor Layton's London Life featured in the Japanese release. Take a look:


In London Life, Layton walks around London as a cute sprite while talking to NPCs and equipping new hats and other items. Professor Layton has always included side-quest mini-games, but nothing quite on London Life's scale. If it's not localized, I'll be happy to have another romp through the prim, proper, and confounding world of Professor Layton, but I'll definitely cry for a while first.

Source: Siliconera []
Image source: Andriasang []



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Nov 6, 2008
According to Don Paolo's Twitter, "Worry not, Layton Fans. Level 5 has registered 'Professor Layton and the Last Specter', so it seems the game is being localized after all."

Though I wouldn't trust a word that man says...

Also, I would assume that they would include the RPG. It was a big selling point of the game. Of course, it would be an awful lot to translate... Oh well, I guess we'll find out when E3 rolls around.

Mr. Omega

Jul 1, 2010
I just ordered the first two Layton games and have started the first one. I'm loving it so far. So if the other games are just as good, I'll be more than happy to add another one to my DS library.


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Apr 7, 2009
these games were crazy hard, orr am i just a moron? Had to look online for clues, which kinda ruined the game.


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Mar 8, 2010
lee1287 said:
these games were crazy hard, orr am i just a moron? Had to look online for clues, which kinda ruined the game.
I only really had trouble on the first one. While I doubt Last Specter will have a final puzzle based around putting a brightly coloured sphere into an obvious spherical hole, you shouldn't have trouble with it.

All I'm hoping for is no gaping plotholes like the last one.