Twilight Princess May be Getting a HD Wii U Remake


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Jul 10, 2009
I haven't played twilight princess in like six years and from what I remember, I thought I enjoyed the aesthetics most out of all the zelda games. If a HD version came out, I'd be definitely willing to buy. However, I do think it's fishy that the news was found out on eshop, nintendo usually gives years or a good while to hype up a release, even with Wind Waker.


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Oct 7, 2010
Super Cyborg said:
I do remember when it initially came out that it was lavished with praise, and over time it felt that people became more critical of it. Of course at the time I didn't browse much of the internet, so it was a small impression that I got. Especially the first time through, one can get lost on what to do next. The first temple I had trouble finding a key to get into a room, and many of the twilight areas I had to roam around to find the one spot to get me to an area I was missing. The bosses were overall fun, but many of the dungeons weren't that interesting for me. Some of the items didn't get justice since they were only for a few puzzles, and didn't have much use beyond that.

Beyond that, it was a solid game and probably one of the most epic finales of the Zelda franchise in my opinion.
shintakie10 said:
I personally felt it had the best story out of all of the LoZ games (didn't play Skyward Sword) mostly due to the character of Midna being fuckin fantastic (I'm also a huge sucker for Tsundere characters). Plus while it didn't break most of the conventions of the old LoZ games, it did tweak them in a way that made them more memorable. Plus being able to beat stuff up as a wolf never got old, even if it generally was easier to take stuff out as human form link.
Thanks you both. I'm definitely going to give this a go when it comes out. Skyward Sword too if it's Wii U compatible


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Jun 30, 2014
I think porting the GameCube version is a better idea than the Wii version because:

1. Not every Wii U owner has a Wiimote. The Wii version was designed to use it.
2. Link is left-handed in the Gamecube version. In fact, the whole game was flipped horizontally in the Wii version because most people is right-handed.

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Dec 2, 2011
I hope that they go over and give it a few balance tweaks. The difficulty curve flat-lined about half way through. If they were to add a master quest NG+ I would be all over that. The master quest in OoT was a treat to somebody who beats the main game every two years or so. If they can expand on the puzzle mechanics like they did in OoT they may just release my favourite game ever made


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May 30, 2013
If you clean it the fuck up and really remake it, like REALLY fix up what went wrong, It'll happily stand as my favourite Zelda game of all time....and forget Skyward Sword HD, you can clean up thew graphics but unless you revamp the areas, gameplay and large parts of some of that plot it isn't going to really basically if they make Skyward Sword again from the ground up it'd be good, so it's far too much effort for a game so divisive.

SO Yeah, fiddle with what needs fiddling and you will create one of the most impactful Zelda games that ISN'T the fucking "perfection" of the 2D formula or the initial 3D jump.


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Feb 25, 2008
Made in China said:
It just seems weird. Unless it's going to be released on the 3DS, they would need to seriously revamp the game for it to make any sense.
It's a ten year old game now and there is a whole generation of gamers who haven't played it, it's also the first 'realistic' looking Zelda with graphics that stand up reasonably well today.

Twilight Princess was also a relatively poor seller (by Zelda standards) owing to it being released on the Gamecube (aka the hardest hard core gaming device ever made) and the Wii (the least hard core game device ever made).

Gundam GP01 said:
Or you know, port the gamecube version like Windwaker.
In an ideal world port both and make it a start game option. I preferred the Cube version, the tweaks to the colour pallete and difficulty they made for the Wii version were very small, but noticable. It was the colour changes more than anything, I really like the slightly more muted tones in the Cube version.

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Jun 21, 2012

I really want this now. Just played through windwaker HD a couple weeks ago and LOOOOOVED it. If they do make it though, they better make it the gamecube version(the DEFINITIVE version), and they NEED to make a Midna plushie to go with. The windwaker HD plushies are fantastic, and I always wanted a Midna plushie ;3