Ubisoft Scores Legal Win in Patent Case


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Mar 12, 2009
Da Orky Man said:
As for software patents, the entire European Union avoids them, and, to some extent, as do most developed nations. Can't speak for less developed ones due to Wikipedia not having information on them.
Zontar said:
As for the software industry here, it's pretty big. Especially in Montreal and Vancouver (Montreal being one of the biggest video game development centres these days, including having Ubisoft's largest office)
I know the difference between a patent and a trademark.

But "video game developer" and "software developer" are not the same thing. What big software developers (NOT game developers) are based in Canada. Google, Apple, Microsoft, Adobe, and Oracle are all huge companies that make big money based on proprietary ownership of software. They would probably defend their own rigid patents and the financial security they offer. So Canada doesn't have this system of rigid patents. What is the result? Does such a system prevent companies from making money on software they develop? Does the lack of patent protection serve as a disincentive?