United Kingdom Legalizes PEGI Ratings


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May 28, 2011
The_Waspman said:
Strazdas said:
Plinglebob said:
Strazdas said:
So we give some assholes who think they know whats suitable legal power now? I guess Sieg Heil is in order, well played.
Its been done with films for decades and I've yet to see fascists marching down the high street thanks to that so applying it to games just makes things equal for both industries.
You mean beside the fact that whole movie industry is cutting their movies different from directors/screenwritters vision to appease the rating monster?
Getting a little off topic here, but I wouldn't say it was just to appease the ratings monster. Just like with most major films being post processed in 3D, its so that movie studios can make as much money from films as possible, by reaching the largest possible demographics.
but thats exactly the point. they have to cut down the movie so they would get a rating that allows wider audience. if no rating system was there, the audience would be available without trimming down the original vision.


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Nov 15, 2011
SomeBrianDude said:
Yeah, that doesn't happen here often. Don't get me wrong, you hear about it from time to time, but usually the people making the fuss are ignored. See: Keith Vaz. Keeping reactionary idiots out of the public eye is something we do surprisingly well in the UK (most of the time, at least). What's more likely to happen is the parent will simply return the game, then chastise the child for not being honest with them.
A lot fewer of our idiot politicians would have means to fuel their insane propaganda if our adults were that responsible. I'd say I want to have some of you guys visit, but the Republicans would probably flip out, accusing you all of being godless monsters for not letting total strangers police your children.

This got way more opinionated than I meant going in.


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Jul 7, 2010
WaysideMaze said:
Wasn't there a huge uproar about America trying to push through a law similar to this a few years back? That one in California?

This looks very similar to me, but maybe I'm just misreading the situation.
In the UK movies and games are treated the same way. The problem with the US law was that it singled out videogames for this treatment leaving movies and other forms of media untouched.

Now as far as the overall media regulation system differences between the US and UK, that is a whole different discussion.