UPDATE: Fallen Earth Developer Icarus Studios Closes Up Shop


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Sep 1, 2007
Keava said:
ZippyDSMlee said:
Not quite my point dear. ^_~ (besides wow is easily pirated these days)

My point is if I have to spell it out piracy is oblivious to the process of selling and gaining a profit from the public, IE to many "what if's" and "maybe's".
While its true MMOs are not really that much harder to pirate than anything else, pirating really barely affects the mmo market. Most people that want to actually play the mmos know that its pointless to turn toprivate servers where you have serious balance issues, lack of content, lack of comunity, lack of proper support etc.
Waste of time and HDD space :p

So yeah. Its pretty obvious the reason of MMO's fail is the fact they didnt manage to carter to enough of players or managed to mess up original idea so much that even most rabid fans decided to call it quits.

With FE it was the fact the game was first based very heavily on crafting lacking developement in other areas and towards late game even crafting was getting very tedious and time consuming with all the scavenging and times required to make anything. (For those that didnt play it, it had simillar system to Eves skill ups, crafting just ticked away a set ammount of real time once you got the mats, could be 1 minute, could be few hours).
I dont know what is/was current state of game but from what i gathered theyd idnt really managed to do enough to lure in bigger playerbase while keeping the current happy.
Neither dose it effect the console market as the amount of people buying will always be far greater than the people not buying regardless of reason. This is mostly true for the PC market as on a world scale a few million downloaders are drops in the bucket.

What I was/am trying to get at(poorly and off topic, I fail for there I am) Is that the sheer numbers make the vast majority of piracy oblivious to the eb and flow of general media. Its like when the government claims its saved jobs and such its a made up number to feel good about the subject. And yes the piracy debate goes either way I am on "infringement is a right" side of it not "infringement is criminal offense that will end society".
Well infringement is a right up to the point you are making money off it then its a crime, at least thats how I have ingrained it upon my pea brain, its better than everything should be free/everything needs to be licensed via rental schemes ends of the spectrum.

Back to topic(kinda) I wonder tho if they made the game a bit better they would have 30-50% more customers would that have been enough to stop the bleeding and keep them going?

carpathic said:
Sad, but perhaps other devs will take the hint and stop being greedy by making only MMO's. Had fallen earth been a release just for my computer/xbox I likely would have bought it, instead, as an mmo...no dice!
APB is doing a subscription thing,could computing costs money, what they need to realize you dial back on the price and offer a hour rate that is no more than 2$ every 10 hours or 30-50$ a year then focus on the PC and 360(can you do a MMO without a gold live account? If MS dose they shouldn't as it inferences with the flow of money).

Shamanic Rhythm

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Dec 6, 2009
Interesting little drama. But seriously, what irks me is how an average score of 71 is considered a 'failure'. What is the point of having a review system where anything less than an 80% means a game has been critically panned?


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Jul 14, 2009
Tis a shame. I heard it was a good game, but, just too many MMOs at the moment to really keep me going with any of em...too much money


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Jan 2, 2009
Fallen Earth was a decent MMO in it's beta, but I didn't get the game when it released.

Still unfortunate that a gaming studio goes out of business.


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Dec 23, 2007
Gah that's too bad.

I'd had hope for Fallen Earth, was an intersting idea and the type of MMO I'd like to see fill a gap we have.

Always sad to see a studio go down.


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Jul 19, 2010
Gee..If anyone was around when Hellgate Studios took a dump. Tiggs was the forum manager their too...hmmm i smell Bill Roper in here somewhere.