Uplay Platform to Expand with Ubisoft Club

Conrad Zimmerman

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Dec 24, 2013
Uplay Platform to Expand with Ubisoft Club

Ubisoft doubling down on loyalty program.

Ubisoft's Uplay digital distribution and reward platform is expanding with new features and a new program, Ubisoft Club. By enrolling in Ubisoft Club, players will earn experience points and badges by playing Ubisoft games, compare their badges and experience levels with other members, and be rewarded with in-game content and other offers. These features are offered across all platforms Uplay is already available on.

A trailer with an overview of the program has been released. Players can sign up here [https://club.ubi.com/#!/en-GB/login] with their existing Uplay account now, but not at the address listed at the trailer's conclusion (ubisoftclub.com), which currently directs to a parked domain page.

The continued existence of Uplay seems baffling in the face of its overwhelming unpopularity. The addition of publicly displayable achievements seems unlikely to create further justification for it either, let alone botching the rollout like this.

Please, Ubisoft, just let it go.

Sources: Ubisoft [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PE3J9wvz16w]



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May 29, 2009
Hey Ubisoft, how about you expand Uplay to work correctly and consistently without needing reinstalled all the time? That would be a start.

P.S. Thanks


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Nov 26, 2008
"Ubisoft, like EA only shittier at their job".

While I hate EA and Origin, at least they managed to provide an actually desirable good for having an origin account whether or not I think people are being naïve for doing so given EA's track record. But Ubisoft? They are just creating a shitty barrier for something most of us care nothing about on their platform.


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May 15, 2014
So, Ubisoft's pet online store/always online DRM scheme they've been force-bundling with their games now comes with some more free marketing. Truly, Ubi's benevolence humbles me.

On a less ironic note, I have always thought disgust to be a rather cold emotion, a tepid swamp to fury's blazing flame, but now? This swamp is seething, like a cauldron of filth left unstirred far too long on an open flame. But the real tragedy here, I guess, is that Ubisoft has been making some pretty nice games. I know they've been rather monotone of late, most of their games becoming little more than successive iterations of the "Ubisoft Open World Game", according to some folks, but I've only really played the Far Cry series (#4 excluded because shit PC), far as those titles are concerned and while in some respects those games are woefully unpolished, they're just fun to play, with pretty smooth mechanics, well incentivized exploration and enjoyable combat and it just never reached the point of oversaturation for me. On top of that, they're holding some interesting franchises like Might&Magic and Rayman and what they release tends to be built well and just feels good, so long as you don't run into bugs, "incentives" for microtransactions or the like. So really, the problem is, far as I'm concerned (there is no accounting for taste after all), that they're not just a bad game company - I could well just ignore them if they were - but rather they make good games, but their corporate culture just freakin' sucks.


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Feb 14, 2011
Every time I read a news article that starts with "Uplay Platform" I get my hopes up.

Games for Windows actually shutting down, made me believe in a better world.
One day, we will be free from Uplay as well!


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Oct 9, 2010
Corey Schaff said:
Is there anybody besides me that finds this even less appealing than before?

Before it was just a crappy DRM that you had to jump through a couple hoops to use. Now, it's actually asking you to actively engage with it...gross.
Meh, if you're gonna fail, you may as well fail spectacularly.

Neurotic Void Melody

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Jul 15, 2013
The contrast between how many games and how many business practices of theirs I like, is phenomenal. Get off the drugs, ubi...get clean! This is pointless behaviour that is only causing rifts between the game experience and the gamer. You can deliver, but it always comes with a cold shoulder and complicated questionaire. A ubishoulder and a ubisition.
I need some unsuspecting babies to grumble at about the foibles of capitalism.


Apr 28, 2010
Lost in my mind
Naqel said:
HavoK 09 said:
So, its now crappy Steam with club Nintendo?
It's crappy Origin.

Origin is the OG crappy Steam.
Actually Orgin is better then steam but gog is king imo

OT: Ubisoft loves to make something we don't like more heavily ingrained without fixing what we hate


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Mar 29, 2011
I'm just hoping the next South Park game doesn't get tied to this dead weight. The Stick of Truth was free of it but I'm worried about the sequels.


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Aug 4, 2012
Well that's Ubisoft for you, if it's failed already we obviously just haven't shoved it down people's throats enough

Hairless Mammoth

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Jan 23, 2013
Ubi, how about you try a better idea to expand Uplay? Burn the current iteration of Uplay to the ground and salt the earth it was built on. Then, start over again and make it like Steam or Origin (GOG would be great, but that's expecting miracles). Also, don't force your third party DRM client on someone who bought your games with another distribution service. Make your distribution service worth moving to. So far, the only reason Uplay isn't a digital ghost town is Ubisoft produces lots of popular games.


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Feb 28, 2014
No, Ubisoft, we don't want you to expand UPlay into anything, we want you to kill it off and bury it in your back yard where it belongs.


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Aug 15, 2008
Guess I still ain't buying any Ubisoft games for a while. Or ever, really, if this trend continues. Over time The Ubisoft Game has just been getting worse and worse. It grows less fun with each iteration, runs even worse, and now the DRM is trying to pretend that adding in a new competitive dick-measuring feature will make us forget about the first two problems.
By this time next year we'll have an Assassin's creed game set in as far a location from the ocean as possible that will run at an absolute maximum 10 FPS, and Uplay will require a subscription fee on top of the price of the game.