"Vilerat" Benefit Raises $100,000


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Jan 17, 2009
dochmbi said:
FelixG said:
dochmbi said:
Yeah why not, let's give a 100k to this family. After all the same money couldn't buy education and healthcare for ten times as many equally needy people in a poor country...

This isnt about helping the little people of the world, this is about helping the family of a friend whos life was cut tragically short.
Primitive tribalism, that's what it is.

I can't deny them their right to spend their money as they please without shooting myself in the foot and I'm not really any better than they, as I have also donated to some causes which I believe in even when that money could have been better spent.

I guess this is just an example of how broken humanity is.
Its not broken. They know the guy, they've raised money to help the family if the person they know. We're social animals, we like helping those that we know. We do not see a need to help people we do not know. Basic knowledge of how humans work would have told you that.

Right now you're just being a dick. Your argument can be used for anything. "Oh, you're getting in shape? Why not do that for charity?" "Oh, you're doing work experience? Why not help out at a refuge center for the homeless".

I'm not even bothered by the disrespect that you're showing, you're trying to argue a viewpoint which is fundamentally wrong using an ineffective argument.