What is a good game to just jump in and play.


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May 26, 2011
bliebblob said:
Warframe is where I ended up when I was recently looking for the same thing (though for totally different reasons).
Ooh, yeah, Warframe is great for some quick, fast-paced fun.

Their launcher is kinda balls though, unless I was just having issues updating last night.

I've noticed that it does have some server lag issues when you jump into Online games already in progress that you wouldn't notice if you went Solo or were the first one into an area, though.

Otherwise, I'm surprised nobody has mentioned any of these yet: Diablo II, Diablo III, Torchlight II. Of course it's entirely possible you've already played the hell out of these titles, but to me they're pretty much the epitome of 'jump in and play' games.

Diablo II is definitely showing its age by now and Diablo III has some problems with dropping a lot of useless crap instead of upgrades you can actually use, but all three of them are really quite excellent in my honest opinion -- Yes, even with all of the crap D3 gets about always-online and the Auction House (which defaults to using in-game gold unless you manually switch it over to Real Money anyway). In fact, since I'd not actually played Diablo II prior to D3, right now I'd really say I prefer the way D3 does things. You don't have to manually distribute attribute points - That was mostly pointless busy-work anyway because every class had favored attributes that you'd want to focus on. The skill tree is gained automatically and in a linear fashion - The pre-Mists-WoW-style skill tree of D2 really doesn't allow for a lot of flexibility, and there was always an 'optimum build' to run with that just ruins any sort of customization if you're not just playing for kicks and giggles. With the rune system in Diablo III, I'm still now finding out new combinations of skills to use to carve my way through the hordes of demons. Maybe there's 'optimal' builds for it, too, but pretty much everything seems mostly viable to me so far pre-Inferno difficulty.