What's the TTRPG character that you've enjoyed playing the most?


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May 28, 2020
United States
Buddy of mine ran a mortal hunters game in WoD, set in late '70s Las Vegas. I played more or less the "face" and background dot monster, which this time around meant playing an aging, pyromaniac, alcoholic gangster about twenty years past his sell-by date. He was in the protection game, had managed to avoid the net thus far but was quickly losing out in the corporatization of Vegas, and was pushing more into legitimate business out of necessity. Of course, being in his 50's and knowing it was either a matter of time before the changing face of the mob in Vegas or the feds got him, assuming he didn't stroke out or have a heart attack first, he didn't have much to lose and fewer fucks to give which meant he was hellbent for leather on at least going out in a blaze of glory than spending his golden years in prison or on the lam.

So needless to say, all his plans had a certain IDGAF panache. Think Deadpool guest starring in It's Always Sunny. Organizing a drug-fueled swingers party for retirees as a honey trap for a Toreador. Luring zombies to a Black Sabbath concert as a cover for some shambler-killing. Learning the location of an elder vampire's haven, and bulldozing it with a monster truck armed with flamethrowers. Blabbing about known vampires and known vampire hang-outs on CB radio, just right there out in the open. Arming Black Panthers in exchange for their help hunting vampires.

ST knew whatever he could throw at us, I'd come up with some maniacal scheme nobody would ever think to guard against, because it was too damn stupid or just plain weird to ever be a likelihood in the first place.