Who are your favorite Chef Youtubers? aka Youtube Recipe Exchange


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Apr 29, 2020
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One of my biggest passions in life is cooking. My family has owned restaurants. When we had get togethers, when some other families competed with a Basketball game or some kind board game, the men in my family would gather and have cook offs.

So, I love learning new recipes. Youtube has been amazing for that. Since I have a lot of different tastes (grew up in New York), I like trying so many different things.

One of my favorite Youtubers lately has been Chef Zee Cooks

I'll admit. I messed this one up. I put the heat too high. Don't know why. The meat was so flavorful even though it was tougher than I like. And she even said, don't really be concerned about cooking the meat to doneness at the first time. It will be great when you add it back in.

This... this is flawless. This is absolutely flawless. This dish has made someone attracted to me before. I don't blame her. It was that good.

Try this. The only thing I did different was I brined the chicken with another helping of the marinade. The Chicken just drips flavor that way.

This is the next recipe I'm going to try. I'm excited.
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May 11, 2020
The odd thing is, I follow a ton of food YouTubers and really enjoy their content. And yet, when I follow their recipes, more often than not it doesn't turn out great. I get better results from smaller, unknown channels. Maybe it's because many of the big YouTubers don't give a flying fuck about their written recipes (Babish especially). It could also be because of the country I live in, I noticed that recipes from local YouTubers seem to work better.

But anyway:

Babish, for his descents into madness when recreating cinematic food.

Joshua Weissman, because my girlfriend loves his videos and he has creative recipes. Dude could really tone down his memes though.

Chef John of Food Wishes. Sort of an ASMR experience, he's got a very calming voice and I wouldn't be surprised if he has the most food recipes on YouTube.

Ethan Chlebowski. The guy has been growing really fast. He has some cool insights into food science, but good lord he needs to establish an actual series or theme if he wants to keep going.

Despite being my least favorite, Ethan's oven French fries recipe worked really good. Easily the best French fries I've ever made.


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Apr 3, 2020
I don't watch many, but I love me some Babish.

Yeah I'm a committed Babish fan, and of his recipies the one I wanna try most is the Chicago Deep Dish pizza. Because I can't get that in Australia, or at least not where I am.


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Apr 10, 2020
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Not a cook by any stretch, but started watching Rosanna Pansino a few years ago because she's so damned adorable. I couldn't care less about her cooking skills; I bet she's an absolute demon in the sack.



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May 5, 2020
I tend to get bored and move on a lot. But I do watch a fair bit of cooking stuff I guess.

I used to watch Binging with Babish fairly religiously, and even the Basics episodes. Now it's more something I check up on once in a while.

I recently discovered a Chef Wang(ha) and I've enjoyed his videos. I don't understand Mandarin but someone's subbing all his videos. Might be good if you wanna try out some Chinese cooking but I'm not sure how easy he is to follow really with all the wok-fu and whatnot.

There's Kimagure Cook who is pretty big in Japan. Not all his videos are subbed. I also think he's fairly useless in terms of trying to learn something due to his very niche specialty of sashimi and esoteric ingredients.

I like Sorted Food but more for their whacky escapades than for the cooking. I enjoy their Cooking Relays, reviewing of useless stuff and such.

Not really dedicated cooking channels but I enjoy their low key attempts when they do put up cooking videos.

Some of Mythical Kitchen's experiments are amusing to watch.

I watch a lot of crap but I can't actually cook for shit.