why does Borderlands 2 punish solo players?


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Jan 30, 2012
Auberon said:
I keep dying because Maya specced for DoTs has basically no survivability around level 20, and supposedly gets better at 31 when Ruin is unlocked.
Played her with DOT and snipers and it was pretty cool - it was fire and forget about it combat and often the enemies don't even get to me, because they are too far away. Pop out of cover, scope in, shoot them in the head (or whatever critical point they have), pop back into cover, repeat. If they are still alive after the initial shot, the DOT usually takes care of it. Also, I had two snipers (at least) equipped at all times - one corrosive and one fire, to deal with mechanica/fleshy threats as appropriate. The SMG was for when things got rough and personal.

Also, at level 20, I had Flicker 5[footnote]improve all DOTs, duh[/footnote], Helios 5[footnote]combines with the class mod for more Helios, it was an instakill against some smaller enemies, and a good damage boost against larger ones[/footnote] and Foresight 5[footnote]less and shorter reloads mean I can shoot and kill more stuff, and dead stuff generally doesn't pose a threat to me[/footnote] levelled in that order, too. For reference, after those, I got 1 in Cloud Kill and Immolate 4 purely because I didn't find the other tier 3 abilities that useful and Immolate was the most effective of the rest of the skills in the Cataclysm tree...and also the only other skill in the Cataclism tree I could level. I believe I also respecced that Cloud Kill into Immolate because it wasn't that useful itself, in the end[footnote]more often than not, I'd have to choose between shooting a guy I need to shoot, or shooting something I don't, just to place a weak-ish DOT down. And also, the enemies don't really need to go through that DOT. It's sort of OK against stationary enemies...but again, they are STATIONARY, so I can just shoot them with any DOT and they'd die regardless, so the skill was saving me...what, a bullet against some turrents? Not my cup of tea.[/footnote].

Wilhelm, I believe I just side-stepped and shot a few times and that was it, it certainly wasn't a fight I recall being that hard.


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Sep 29, 2011
I've beaten number 2 with everyone but salvador and never had enough trouble to make me want to give up. Maya was my first. Level the cataclysm tree and eventually nothing can stand in your way. The borderlands series is actually balanced so that it adjusts to the number of players.

if you want a game that was never balanced for single player then play Dead Island. There are the exact same numbers of enemies no matter how many playerss there are. Plus several points on the map where they respawn constantly. I beat the first one out of spite. Riptide felt a bit more fair to me though.