WildStar Goes Free-to-play


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Dec 6, 2010
RJ 17 said:
And another one gone, and another one gone...another one bights the dust!
- Queen

Rather amazing how many MMO's get made and release with a subscription payment plan only to go F2P a few months to a year down the line. :p

From what I've heard, this game is particularly "meh".
Comes as no surprise really, seems to be the standard. However for my part, I did particularly enjoy the mechanics of Wildstar, but leveling progress just felt so damn slow I lost interest.


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Nov 13, 2011
but has it gone fun to play yet? ill admit i havent played since launch but i left 3 weeks before the free month was up. man that was one dull repetitive game.

Lunar Templar

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Sep 20, 2009
kitsunefather said:
Lunar Templar said:

whos gonna go in on a betting pool that Wildstar will be shut down for a bullshit reason by the end of next year?

this is NCsoft after all, they do that.
Well, if we are to look at their history, it'll be at least a year of cash-shop class features being sold before they announce the shutdown with little fanfare, by telling the team working on it they're basically fired.

And for all the WildStar fans or curious who are out there and wonder why people see this as the death of the game; they shut down City of Heroes, their flagship product, because it only made as much with Free-to-Play as it did on a subscription model. Not less, just not more, so they shut it down completely.
Something, I, personally am still salty about.

I mean it wasn't just 'no fan fair' it was 'hey Heroes/Villains! here's a preview of some of the stuff coming in the next update, coming soon!' *week later, shut down notice* they just yanked the rug from under the game.

I expect the same treatment for Wildstar.


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Sep 3, 2008
Wildstar was one of those games that I really enjoyed, then really fell out of love with for almost no apparent reason.

The combat was extraordinarily fun. The PVP was quite a bit of fun. The weird challenges out in the world actually gave me a reason to wander, which was great. The dungeons were hard, but still fun. The adventures were super fun.

If I had to pinpoint my problem it was the retarded vanilla WoW sensibilities to max level. Attunements that were a giant chore and people could troll you into failure constantly was the biggest issue. I never got to raid which was my biggest thing in WoW and if you didn't raid at max in Wildstar there was fuck all else to do.


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Jun 10, 2011
shintakie10 said:
if you didn't raid at max in Wildstar there was fuck all else to do.
You could hang out at the place the phoenix dragon thing spawns and dance for two hours!