Winner of Great Canadian Video Game Competition Announced

Andy Chalk

One Flag, One Fleet, One Cat
Nov 12, 2002
Winner of Great Canadian Video Game Competition Announced

Vancouver International Digital Festival [].

MindHabits Trainer was selected as the winner of the competition that awarded prizes in a fashion based on industry financing, beginning with an "Innovation" stage and running through "Project Development" and "Commercialization" stages. The game is described as "a suite of fun and easy mini-games designed to help players focus on positive social feedback and adopt and more positive attitude toward themselves and others, increasing what scientists call 'social intelligence.'" The game is meant to be played for ten minutes daily in order to reduce stress and boost confidence.

"MindHabits Trainer is exciting because it is not only trying to do some Radical Entertainment []President Kelly Zmak. Nearly 70 submissions were received at the beginning of the contest.

"Canada's best and brightest video game talent participated in the first-ever Great Canadian Video Game Competition," said Telefilm Canada Executive Director Wayne Clarkson. "The competition was tight, but MindHabits best demonstrated the Canadian creativity and innovation that our panel of esteemed industry judges was looking for."

For being selected the overall winner, MindHabits Trainer will receive up to $1 million in financing to help in bringing the game to market. More information is available at the MindHabits Trainer website [].