With Great Power...


When in doubt, overclock
Feb 8, 2012
Unfortunately developers won't realize this unless there's a big crash due to unprofitable dev costs. Then they'll cut corners and experiment in other ways.


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Feb 12, 2013
I honestly believe Skyrim wouldn't have been as popular if it still looked like Oblivion (and I guarantee the even prettier Elder Scrolls 6 will outperform Skyrim). The average bozo still buys the prettiest games, so publishers demand the prettiest games from developers. Art style can go a long way in making things pretty even if it's "lower" graphics power (Bioshock/Borderlands 2 still look good on lower settings), but that requires certain talents that are hard to come by. CoD: Modern Warfare 2 blew me away with its "ghillie suit sniper in the long grass" trailer because it looked so real to me at the time. Pretty graphics sell games. Just like how pretty girls sell everything under the sun.