Wolfenstein: The New Order Review - I Know What I Reich


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Jun 9, 2008
King Whurdler said:
Hixy said:
Anybody think the guy you play as looks like Hugo Stiglitz or is that just me. He also liked killing Nazis so maybe it is him o_O
I agree. He looks EXACTLY like Til Schweiger. Not only that, but I really think he sounds like Aldo Raine. I'm pretty sure Machine Games are pretty big Inglourious Basterds fans.
You know, the german guy is the one that completely made me think of that actor, not the main one.

Having just finished the game I must say that even though my hype was high the game completely delivered in spades. And it must be played at least twice since four of the main cast characters get swapped (and add to that a new bunch of paths open up in gameplay). The characters are so fucking well done. I want to make a thread about it but I fear that it may be too soon and many people havent finished yet (I am just at the start of the second timeline).

The only thing that bugs me a bit is why do I have to pick up every bit of ammo manually, I get the health since the player may not want to overcharge and save it for later but no one will let ammo on the floor to save it for latter so that pickup could have been automatic.


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Nov 15, 2012
Generally enjoying it so far, although the prison level was horrid. Forced (not optional) stealth, and not even well supported. No one has guns (in complete defiance of any possible belief), and even when you're detected, dudes just shuffle zombie like at you with their melee things (flashlights?). The stealth options in other missions are quite nice, but the level designed around it is complete garbage.

Also to chime in, yeah, manual ammo pickup is silly. Why would I not want to pick it up....