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Feb 4, 2009
As someone who makes their money from this consumerist wage slavery and globalization ... Corey is making the right decision. All of you should be working in the global human beehive. Buzz buzz buzz buzz.

Did I sell it?

Honestly, there's no shame in doing menial labour. Someone has got to do it, and by the laws of basic economics most people can never have a decent job (and by decent I mean one where you will feel like you're contributing to longterm economic success for yourself and those you care for). Being a creative often doesn't help you be happy with what are admittedly pisspoor things we need to do to survive. Then again, you can always treat it as nightmare fuel to aid your creativity...

Imperioratorex Caprae said:
Take it from a guy who used to make near $100k/year in network security, there's no dishonor in working retail at any point in life. Nor menial serving jobs, minimum wage, etc. So long as you're making any money and keeping roof overhead, food on the table and whatnot, its commendable.
I've actually quit my original profession (as mentioned above) both because finding a solid job was difficult as was finding one that properly compensated me for the stress of the work. Now I work for an Amazon Fulfillment Center, making less than I used to but happy and pursuing my own goals in the background. Plus I've got more time to spend with my daughter and potentially more time in the future because less stress = better health. ;)
But back to my original point, any job that keeps you alive and afloat is worth working, and there's always room in the future to find better jobs if you can't stand the one you work now.
How the hell were you earning roughly 100k a year for a while and then still working? Were you renting in Silicon Valley? Are we talking before or after tax? If after, surely that was your first mistake.

Amir Kondori

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Apr 11, 2013
HumanShale said:
This one made me laugh my arse off, I have to say.

Thing is, I'm not a creative or anything, I just fucking hate my job. There's always an argumenmt in my head, Gollum style:

"I can't believe we're doing this again. Find a better job."
"We will, let's just get this week done first."

Friday comes and it's straight down the pub for a weekend of drinking, laughing and forgetting.

Monday: "FUCK!"

I guess that's a warning more than anything.

Go back to the comics, Corey, so I have something to read while doing my hateful job.
You don't wait until the weekend to put in applications. You do it during the week, with the idea of going into work tomorrow motivating you.