World of Warcraft Plushies Are Huggably Adorable


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Oct 21, 2008
Dr Grimoure said:
RelexCryo said:
mswar11 said:
I concur on their adorableness. It makes me forget what WoW does to people on a regular basis.
It ALMOST made me forget what I hat about the game. And I still want one. That is some damn good plushie design.
Why do you hate this game? Its a fun and enjoyable experience.

Anyways OT:

I want one and I am a guy, is that wrong?

When I left taht game, you would gang up on one orc in a team of 40 other orcs. In that game, you regularly do things that are cheap and dishonorable, even to the point of being required to do what is cheap and dishonorable. The player power of an orc or troll is capped way, way beneath what higher level NPCs have.

You don't play as a hero in that game, you play as a minion. I wanted to roleplay as an honorable, powerful warrior. I didn't get that chance.