X Rebirth Studio Boss Apologizes For Buggy Launch


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Dec 4, 2007
MinionJoe said:
Tiamat666 said:
Basically it's pretending to be Star Citizen, but there's no way a dedicated, but amateurish developer like Egosoft could pull off something on that scale.
One, Egosoft had already pulled off what is referred to as "single-player Eve Online" with their previous X series. So "amateurish" is debatable given their past achievements. Maybe you're just referring to the size of the Egosoft studio? Even then, "small" is hardly synonymous with "poor" or "unskilled".

Two, at this point in time, Star Citizen is just pretending to be Star Citizen. At least X: Rebirth contains some, albeit flawed, gameplay.
Egosoft is amateurish in the sense that they don't have a good writer, they don't have a good character modeler, they don't have good artists and they don't have a good interface designer. They have been creating a serviceable sandbox space sim for over a decade now, which is why they are dedicated (decadated? heh) and they certainly seem to have competent developers. But as I see it, many positions at Egosoft are filled by amateurs.

I mean, you have to at least agree that the quality of the writing and the character portraits of X are abysmal, even by indie standards.

And just for the record. I like Egosoft. I like every company that even bothers to create a space sim. I really want them to succeed.


Oct 28, 2013
I'd like to see an episode of The Jimquisition that lists all the most anticipated titles released this year and compares it to a list of the ones that worked on launch day without requiring emergency patching.


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Feb 3, 2011
Desert Punk said:
The bugs can be fixed, the really really shitty core design flaws are a lot harder to fix, and would require nearly a rewrite of the whole game.

But then again, we really shouldnt expect much from a game that has been proven to be made for consoles, then was quickly jury rigged to work on PC.

Luckily Steam has been giving out refunds on the game.
How might I go about getting a refund? I haven't been able to as of yet.