Xbox One Games With Gold Needs "Subscription Based Access"

Something Amyss

Aswyng and Amyss
Dec 3, 2008
Lightknight said:
While it's ever fun to heap ridicule on Microsoft, this makes sense and prevents people from spending $10 for one month to get games and then never renew. This is the only way to maintain a library that has any kind of persistence.
I can see where you're coming from, but spending 10 bucks for a 4 year old or bargain basement title hardly seems like cheating the system. If anything, the fact that they still expect 20 bucks for Saints Row 3 should be a mark against the market in general. And I thought maybe it'd be different with Xbone, but it looks like the Halo game they're offering is a middling spinoff with middling results that lists for...Ten dollars.

Racecarlock said:
*gasp* You need a gold subscription to access games with gold? Shock horror!

They've been doing this the whole time. You need gold to get demos too. I don't like it, but, well, the xbox 360 was cheaper at the time.
You only need gold to get demos the first week (least, that was the system from the start, maybe they changed it). After that, a basic account will do. Also, you could keep 360 games after your subscription ended.


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Dec 19, 2013
This just made me think of that South Park episode where the guy keeps shooting himself but just can't manage to kill himself.