Yes, Pokemon Go Has Impacted PornHub Searches

Lizzy Finnegan

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Mar 11, 2015
Yes, Pokemon Go Has Impacted PornHub Searches


Insert inappropriate Metapod joke here.

Whenever anything major releases, porn searches often see some sort of impact. When Fallout 4 released, for example, 4% decrease during the hour of the episode [], but also impacted GOT related searches - the day of the premiere, Game of Thrones related searches "shot up," peaking at 370%. So the question must be asked - did Pokemon Go, the AR mobile gaming phenomenon, impact porn searches and traffic?

The answer is: weirdly, yes.

As of July 11, PornHub reports that Pokemon-related searches were 136% above the pre-release average (yes, there was a pre-release average), and as the game releases in additional countries, PornHub anticipates similar increases in interest. Men are 62% more likely to be searching for PokePorn, and the 18-24 year old range is 336% more likely than all other age groups to be searching for Pokemon. So where are the people most likely to be searching for Pokemon-related Porn?

"Although Pokemon Go was only released in the United States on July 6, we looked to see what countries were most interested in Pokemon searches," the post reads. "Proportionately, most of the top 20 Pokemon countries are in Central and South America with Bolivia, Peru and Chile in the lead. Brazil ranks 11th for Pokemon searches, and in our last Year in Review [] we found that Pokemon searches there had grown 157% over the last year."

Perhaps this is where all the Legendaries are hiding?




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Sep 28, 2009
Data: Sometimes it tells us insightful things about the world we live in and can't quite see from street level.

And sometimes we use it to talk about porn...


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Mar 11, 2009
Unlike the Overwatch porn, which was perfectly acceptable to me that people were into that because it has a combination of sexy characters (male and female), and colorful, diverse personalities that makes them immediately noticeable. Unlike that, Pokemon's main characters are mostly animals and 80% children under the legal age of consent in most countries (although I tow the line that as fictional characters, albeit drawn or made to look underage, they have no agency so there isn't a thing to victimize here), so....

That's a lot of beastiality and loli/shota stuff. And the metrics stating it's mostly south of the North American border is an interesting fact, although I doubt correlation here for anything.

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Jul 15, 2013
"Hmmm...masturbation today, darling or mastery of pokeballing (new verb!) evee? I hear ole Robinson across the road has a bush full of 'em!"

"Why not both, dear? I can bring my laptop with us."

Fucking hell Nintendo, your power of suppressing sexuality into weird shapes knows no bounds!


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Sep 22, 2011
RaikuFA said:
One Pok?mon is fueling this people, Gardevoir.
I admire your innocence. Gardevoir is most definitely not the only one, that's some vanilla shit right there.


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Jun 5, 2013
Of all the countries that could watch Pokemon porn the most, no one would have guessed Bolivia.
You think so little about Bolivia, you didn't even realize that wasn't Bolivia,


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Sep 5, 2015
Those charts, man.
Them charts. The imagination staggers.

I'm not surprised that adventure, strategy, and RPGs are at the top of the "most frequently searched" list. Midna and Aeris hentai/sexy-cosplay is so common it's practically unavoidable, even with SafeSearch on.

I remember seeing a porn-parody of Red Alert 2, where Tanya and the leather-wearing soviet mission briefer turn a cold war into a hot one. I didn't watch it of course, I'm not a pervert, I just noticed it while looking for... stuff.

Johnny Novgorod

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Feb 9, 2012
Silentpony said:
Of all the countries that could watch Pokemon porn the most, no one would have guessed Bolivia.
You think so little about Bolivia, you didn't even realize that wasn't Bolivia,
Yes I did. I live in Argentina. Bolivia is basically our Mexico, in terms of illegal immigration & crossing over for cheap fun.


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Sep 8, 2008
I have a feeling all those searches came back to haunt them, given the contents of the live action pokemon porno.

And yes, it does get involved.


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Aug 2, 2015
Kibeth41 said:
Samtemdo8 said:
Why are you advertizing a Porn Site Escapist?

I thought mentioning the name of a site is against the rules?
Advertising / Referral Traffic
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You're not allowed to advertise your own products.

I don't think Lizzy Finnegan owns Pornhub... I think.
No I meant the fact that the website can reference a Pornsite by name.

I assume just mentioning the name of a porn site on the forums is against the rules?