You Can Buy "Easy Fatalities" As Mortal Kombat X DLC


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Dec 25, 2010
JCAll said:
Arnoxthe1 said:
FFS, I must be the only one who hates fatalities. Well, fatalities in online play anyway. Sure, they're cool and stuff the first time you see them but after that, it's the same thing over and OVER again when you just want to go on to the next match. And every jerk with a controller wants to do them EVERY TIME they win. Screw that. Partly why I don't play MK9 online anymore.
Being on the receiving end of a Fatality has never been fun. Because it means you lost, and losing sucks.
No, I understand exactly what you mean and it's not that. It's just having to sit through the same thing over and over again.

It's like those games with really hard bosses where everytime you die, you have to take yourself all the way back to the boss area on reload and watch the same cutscene over and over again. That's pretty much what fatalities in online games are.


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Nov 20, 2009
Far be it foe me to defend bad DLC practices but they are only cosmetic so the opening to the article is not relevant.


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Jun 30, 2014
My greatest complain is that they still call them Fatalities. When executed, they should change the bloody word to CASUALITY

Lufia Erim

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Mar 13, 2015
P-89 Scorpion said:
Mortal Kombat X gets worse.

Mortal Kombat X Day One Update Makes Gold Harder to Get in Order to Boost Paid DLC Sales
I think that's the bigger story. Where are the game journalists to cover it? Dammit escapist, hire some real journalists!


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Sep 17, 2008
For the people that might not have bought MK X or have not had chance to see it, the fatalities themselves really arn't that hard to execute. Below are two of D'Vorah's fatalities. You can also go into the move set section and have the fatality commands appear just below your name in game so you don't have to go into the pause menu.

Bug Me: (Mid) Bk, Fwd, Bk, X
Heart Broken: (Close) Fwd, Bk, Fwd, Triangle

I'm not saying this to dissuade people from bitching about buying 'easy fatalities' I'm jut trying to put it into context, they are not hard to do, it's not like people have to memorise 15+ button presses. I personally can't see the point in buying them myself and I earned two of them just wandering around the Krypt in my first play session.