Your best advice

Zack Alklazaris

New member
Oct 6, 2011
I made this list a while ago for my friends that were just about to graduate high school.

1. If you plan to test your limits with alcohol do it with a drink you won?t miss ever being able to drink again.

2. Never wear sandals when driving. Not so much because they are dangerous as much as if you get into an accident. You may find yourself walking on broken glass with a possible violently angry driver who wishes to speak with you.

3. If you get pulled over always be kind to the cop and thank him. You don?t have to thank him for something specific, just thank him. I?ve gotten out of a lot of trouble just being nice.

4. When driving use your side mirrors to see the blind spots on left and right side of your car. If you do it right you?ll be able to see a speeding car traveling behind you in your rear view mirror, then before it disappears from that mirror it?ll appear in your side mirror, then before it disappears from that mirror you'll see it in your front side window.

5. Regardless of what you know you can become never do something that is "beneath you" half ass. Always do your best, you never know who is watching that help you become what you want to be, plus people will take your goals much more seriously.

6. Never be afraid to do something because you believe you?re too old to get away with doing it anymore. One day you?ll be physically too old to do it and you?ll end up regretting it.

7. If you are about to get into an argument with your companion always ask yourself if winning is more important than sleeping.

8. When you leave your parents? house for the first time see if you can raid their bathroom for toilet paper, bath towels, shower curtain, shampoo, conditioner, etc. Trust me you?ll thank them later.

9. I?ve experience three riches in life. Richness in gold, richness in love, and richness in self. Putting too much importance into any one thing seems to spell disaster.

10. If you are ever unsure of getting married to someone ask yourself, ?Who is the first person I think of/talk to when I?m doing something awesome. If that person is the one you?re thinking of marrying you?re on the right track.