Your favorite Eurojank game(s)


Warning! Contains bananas!
Jun 21, 2009
Dalisclock said:
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Dalisclock said:
hanselthecaretaker said:
I actually think Cryostasis: Sleep of Reason is pretty underrated and in some ways even better than probably its closest competition, the Metro series. The bad part, aside from some clumsy design elements? Apparently it isn?t even available anymore. []
I'm sad to hear that. I rather liked Cyrostasis, both for it's wierdness and the fact it had the fairly novel idea of being able to relive and change the past, while at the same time seeing how everything went to hell on the ship.

The part in the medical section was also quite affecting once you realize everyone is dying from radiation exposure.
Yup, a very prevalent theme in Eastern European games. Outsiders could almost say it constitutes an unhealthy obsession with it. But it keeps them out of trouble (like vodka overindulgence perhaps, along with whatever that may lead to) and hopefully turns a profit.

Having said that, I think Putin should start playing some of these games. It might do him and the people his decisions affect some good.
Well, Cyrostasis was made by a Ukrainian studio so that kind of thing probably hits close to home for them, considering a 2.5 square km of their country is still off-limits due to radiation levels. Ironically, Chernobyl continued to operate until 2000, 13 years after the accident, because why let a radiation disaster get in the way of keeping the plant open.
So did they just suit up and make the trek back and forth into "The Zone" for 13 years while the rest of the population evacuated permanently? Damn.