Your most Unpopular Media Opinion

Sep 24, 2008
There are some people who don't like video games. There are some people who don't get Monty Python. There are some people who hate Firefly.Some call Football "Soccer" and some call Soccer "Football". We all have something that we know that when others here about it, we'll have a debate on our hands for the crime of having an opinion.

The Following will be a Rant over my most Unpopular Media Opinion, my hate for Batman. But please, share your thoughts about your most unpopular opinion in regards to Media.

I hate Batman due to fans. Batman TAS was God Tier in Story telling. I loved it. But around the 90's, the Batman Meme took a life of its own. Prep Time Batman started to make the character less and less enjoyable, due to the fans decrying how overpowered Superman is while simultaneously elevating their Man-King to a level beyond Gods because "He works really hard!"

People keep talking about the little piece of Kryptonite in his belt and how that will always cause him and Supes to fight on even ground. We're talking about a man who flew to Saturn to split a moon in half in around Four Minutes [] vs a Man in a Bat Suit who studies Martial Arts really hard.

We're talking about a man who can travel, think, react and navigate to a distant planet that is 746 million miles/1.2 billion kilometers in under Four minutes would not be able to get to a human being in time before he can reach into his pocket and pull something out. A being that can travel 1.119e10 miles per hour can be beaten out by a human.

And this bullshit travels to media. Batman Versus Superman movie. Batman being able to angle his body 'well enough' that Superman would even register it [] even though that Superman actually soaked two planets merging into one [].

Now, a lot of Batman fans I talk to like to use these examples of why they love Batman even more. Because Superman is ridiculously overpowered.

But Superman is supposed to be overpowered. That's his threat level. He's Galactic to Universal. Batman is Local. He is supposed to take care of Gotham city. He's on the Level of Spiderman, Luke Cage, or the Question.

Batman isn't National Level Protection or even Global. But the insane love of him continually tries to make Batman to those levels of protection and it stretches the likability of the character. A lot of people say his mind makes him that much of a danger so he should be up there. Ok. Do you think Ted Kord (the Blue Beetle) should be a Global Level Protector? Mr. Terrific? Ray Palmer? Mr. Terrific has already been given the title of third smartest human on the planet. [] And he has all of Batman's physical attributes down. Lex Luthor is undoubtedly the smartest human on the planet. And Ray Palmer completely outshines Batman in terms of intelligence. And frankly Mr. Terrific as well.

But Batman's batman. So yeah. Just keep thinking he's the best because of that, and making the rest of us comic fans have to swallow it to cater to that blind love.


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Jan 19, 2011
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I think Harry Potter is highly overrated.

I've seen bits and pieces of the movies and a friend of mine has told me some things from the books, but it does nothing for me. Probably also doesn't help that she's a huge Potter fan and is slightly obnoxious about it.

I suppose sitcoms in general. I don't get them.

They're about 30 minutes in most cases, and the jokes aren't that great, especially when there's a laugh track or laughing in the back ground. The characters are typically trope-tastic, the story lines that are used are kinda lame, and everything seems just forced.

They're just kinda lame.


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Oct 27, 2009
The Scorpion King 3: Battle for Redemption is the best movie of forever.

It's only an unpopular opinion because most people haven't seen it.



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Mar 8, 2011
Instead of going the obvious "Popular thing is overrated", I am going to say I think Ubisoft is mostly a good company. I mean, they make alot of...weird decisions that arent always good, but I dont think they are evil like EA or Activision, and I like the style of game Ubisoft is known for that is most obvious in games like Assassin's Creed and the Far Cry games they made (3, 4, Primal).


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Mar 15, 2008
Oh, I haven't gotten to do this in a while! Yah!!!!

Dragon Age 2 was a good game. It had plenty of flaws but I firmly believe that the people who hate it hate it BECAUSE of the name and expectations, not because of the game itself. While I'm not going to quite go Greg "5/5" Tito on the setup, it was a solid game that didn't deserve the mountains of shit people threw at it.

And now for the funner one...

I liked the Mass Effect 3 ending (pre-"fix"; I never even played the game after the supposed fixed ending so I have never even seen what changes were made). Maybe I just have a low tolerance for entertainment or maybe everything happened to fall in line perfectly with how my own story went but I thought that the Mass Effect 3 ending was not only tolerable but good.

Granted, it could have been better but I think that people were expecting "Suicide Mission" level of customization for all the decisions made over the trilogy, which is not what I had expected at all. But yeah, overall, I liked the ending of Mass Effect 3.


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Jun 21, 2009
I find watching sports on tv (or any other way, really) to be incredibly, mind-numbingly, insufferably boring. Doesn't matter which sport. All of them, so boring to watch.

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Jun 9, 2009
I think that modern young adult dystopian novels are acceptable at best and awful at worst. Take Red Queen. At one point she describes "It takes me ten seconds to notice the rain. It's falling on me. Washing away my rage."

Sheesh. First of all, the "washing away my rage" thing makes no sense taken literally OR figuratively. Secondly, the entire thing where they have short sentences that try to be poetic way too hard... Most pretentious genre I've ever read.

Also, the societies, that are supposed to be Very Metaphorical, just don't make sense. (See Divergent for a fine example.)

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Oct 29, 2010
Let see-

I hate Monster Hunter.
Well ok, I did played and gotten far in MH3 but it was a struggle to get there. Foolishly enough I did bought Ultimate 4 on the 3DS but this time, I didn't partake the online feature since PUG was toxic to say the least.
Either way, I just find the game too difficult to enjoyed it and don't give me that stupid ass philosophy "git gud". From what I've seen, the game is more enjoyable when you co-op with 3 other friends you know which I don't have nor will open up myself for it (I never believed in community in gaming).

I'm a Jarco shipper when it come to the cartoon "Star Vs The Force Of Evil"!
So sick to death with the cliche of shipping the main protagonists that starred a boy and a girl! Is it really impossible to have a boy and girl characters that just stayed friends throughout the series? Heck it didn't stop the shippers to ship the two siblering Dipper and Mable from Disney other show "Gravity Falls"! (I'm more into Pacifica and Dipper before you asked.)
I'm simply prefer Marco to be in a relationship with Jackie more than Star. Yes Star is the more wacky and interesting girl character but as an "dream girl", Jackie is an likeable dream girl. She isn't the sterotypical bitchy love interest like it is to Trixie Tang to Timmy Turner in Fairy Odd Parent and Paulina to Danny Fenton in Danny Phantom (or maybe Butch is just bad at writing love interest character?). Another difference to those two is that Marco did hook up with her at the end of season 2!
There is one thing I will say about Star is that if Marco had never met Star, he would had NEVER had the courage to be interacting and asking Jackie on a date in the first place!
Yes I'm aware they broke up at the end and it only elevate me to liked Jackie more! She was so mature with the breakup and I'm glad she didn't hate Marco eventhought she had every right to be upset with his obession with Mewni!
Speaking of the new episode, it bother me how season 2 ended with Star confess her feeling to Marco and leave.
While I get they were trying to stop Ludo/ Toffe so they couldn't discuss it more but they could of before Marco left! Even then it turns out that was just a phase for Star since as the time I'm typing this, she's back with Tom!
I'm not saying it was Star fault for Marco breakup but still, I would had liked those two to had actually address it!


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Jan 25, 2010
I also disliked Batman. The films took themselves too seriously, and at the end of the day it was a story of a rich man stepping outside of the law to tread on the poor. Fuck that guy.

And I'm backing up Tippy as well. ME3 had an awesome ending. I literally have no idea where the whiners were coming from.

For an original one? I thought that Die Another Day was the best of the Bond films. The people who slated it have no idea what a Bond film is supposed to be.


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Mar 4, 2014
Most unpopular eh? Hmm...Okay. Here's one...

The Empire Strikes Back is the weakest Star Wars OT film.


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Mar 1, 2009
I think today's games, in general, are absolute rubbish. There are so many things wrong with it that I could go on and on and on about. But I wont. Don't want to derail this thread after all!

Don't like sports. Reality-tv or excessive drama. Crime, Thriller or Scary movies/books.
I find them mostly pointless.

I can't stand most rap, nor today's poppy rambling soliloquial ballads.
Melody, rhythm and tempo is what I look for in music, personally.

I will end this by mentioning that I haven't watched a single episode of Game of Thrones, Spongebob or Rick and Morty.


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Jun 5, 2013
I don't think Game of Thrones is a good show. Its boring when its not incredibly boring, and it took 7 years for anything interesting, ie zombies vs dragons, to happen. Its bad fantasy, bad porn, bad acting, and bad writing. Everything it offers me I can get better elsewhere.

Also I think Buffy the Vampire Slayer is the worst TV show Joss ever made. Angel was hands down better, Firefly was near perfect, and even Dollhouse was more coherent and interesting.

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Jul 18, 2009
I think Futurama is pretty trash. It seriously underutilizes its futuristic setting to make jokes about mostly contemporary issues. Issues that have already been dulldozed into the ground by other shows before it. It still thinks Nixon impersonations are funny. The whole head in a jar shtick is lame and overused. Bender is a limp and toothless character despite supposedly being the "controversial" one of the bunch. And it's humor is shamefully telegraphed. The only good thing about this show is Zoidberg.

The dub of Cowboy Bebop is NOT better than the sub. Dub-Spike tries way too hard to sound cool, while sub-Spike just is cool.

Terminator 1 is better than Terminator 2.


Oct 5, 2011
United States
Malcolm Reynolds from Firefly is an unlikable twat.

Fate/Stay looks like a bloated mess that isn't worth getting into.

Half-Life and Portal are ok. Just ok.

Metroid Prime 2 Echoes was the best of the Prime Triology.


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Nov 6, 2008
Nice one.

I'll hit the ground running here and say that among all those brilliant British comedies, Fawlty Towers is a steaming turd.
It's literally 'idiot tries to do some thing his way. Said thing blows up in his face in front of everyone. Idiot is supposed to be likable'. Its the same shit every episode, and he never learns. Never grows, tries to better relate to anyone or anything. It's garbage, and so is Curb your Enthusiasm for the exact same reasons.

Also everyone's blindly pre-ordering Battlefront 2(2) while I refuse to get involved, so there's that.

And finally the Indiana Jones trilogy isn't perfect. Honestly Sahara (2005) is a better Indiana Jones film than Temple of Doom was.


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May 26, 2011
Scarim Coral said:
Let see-

I hate Monster Hunter.
Well ok, I did played and gotten far in MH3 but it was a struggle to get there. Foolishly enough I did bought Ultimate 4 on the 3DS but this time, I didn't partake the online feature since PUG was toxic to say the least.
Either way, I just find the game too difficult to enjoyed it and don't give me that stupid ass philosophy "git gud". From what I've seen, the game is more enjoyable when you co-op with 3 other friends you know which I don't have nor will open up myself for it (I never believed in community in gaming).
I don't really know how "unpopular" that is. Monster Hunter has some very intense fans, sure, but it's still an extremely niche title. It's not like you're saying you think The Legend of Zelda is overrated.

OT: Well, currently it's evidently the fact that I think Sonic Forces is a good game. Apparently that's heresy of the highest order.


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May 29, 2014
I liked the psychologist scene in Psycho, and I think the movie would've been worse had it not been included.

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Jun 17, 2009
erttheking said:
Metroid Prime 2 Echoes was the best of the Prime Triology.
What's so unpopular about that?

As for me, I fail to find any appeal in Neon Genesis Evangelion

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Apr 28, 2010
Revenge of the Sith is the worst Star Wars movie, and I think that The Phantom Menace is actually the best of the prequels.