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Oct 1, 2009
f1r2a3n4k5 said:
And I like heavy-plots! I like difficult plots.
There's a difference between plot heavy or complex plot and an obscured plot. Take Interstellar as an example of a movie that's both plot heavy and features a rather complex plot, yet very few people seem to have failed to grasp the plot. PoE's plot is rather simple when you break it down: "you are the only person who can stop evil dude doing evil stuff with people's souls". But it is obscured by the constant introduction of new concepts, new words, new characters and new information. The problem is that the main narrative is trying to build the world and tell the story at the same time and often times tries to do both way too much.

Look at Mass Effect, it had plenty of World Building in its' plot. You got to visit a bunch of places in the galaxy and see how they differed and how those places thought of some of the other places and all your companions helped expand a certain subset of the world (Garrus C-sec, Wrex the genophage etc.). Mass Effect did a lot of world building but it always made sure that all that world building never obscured the main plot. In fact, the main plot could be played through and understood without engaging with all the world building if that was what you wanted.

PoE goes the other way and ties the world building and the plot so inexorably together that you get exposition dump after exposition dump and have to learn a dozen made-up words in the process just to keep up. By forcing so much world building onto the player it obscures its' actual plot and often confuses the player with extraneous information that might be atmospheric but doesn't serve a function for the actual plot, despite being delivered in the same exposition dump as crucial plot information.


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Mar 13, 2009
Did they do what they promised?

I was not a backer so any promises they might have made, I wouldn't know about them.

Were you satisfied?

No, I was utterly disappointed by PoE.
The combat system was HORRIBLE, the skill system one of the lamest I've seen in recent times, only outlamed by Wasteland 2 (they might as well have ditched stats entirely from that game), the monster layout in levels was abysmal, exploring wasn't particularly fun or rewarding and..Seriously the game was just a big disappointment.

The only nice things I can say is the visuals were nice and there was some interesting companions.

Where does this game rank in your all-time lists? Does it rank at all?

It's not on my list of fav/best rpgs of all time that's for sure. It doesn't even make the cut for my "decent rpg" list.
It's just mediocre imo.

Worst, it completely eclipsed what is actually the best crpg of this year: Age of Decadence.

In conclusion I'll take Mass Effect over PoE any day.

Regarding the state of gaming and such...Eh I'll pass on answering that for now.


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Mar 29, 2011
Pillars of Eternity is a perfect example of not overspending and getting a good product. While other sort of break out games such as Undertale sell very well, and have no money put into them, PoE represents the gaming industry with out the bloated need for graphical fidelity. They don't need to make all the money.