Your Top 10 Games of this Generation?


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Jul 16, 2013
1) Demon's/Dark Souls
Some of the most engaging games ever made. Challenging and intriguing.

2) Batman Arkham Asylum/City
A love letter to the Batman lore.

3) Deus Ex Human Revolution
Excellent story and really good gameplay. I was really immersed in the near-future setting they created.

4) Mass Effect 2
This game had truly great characterization. And being unfamiliar with the ME series the looming threat of the Reapers
really made me invest in the plot. It was fun to play but the story really made the game memorable for me.

5) Dead Space 2
It's like...RE4 in space! RE4 being one of my favorite games of all time I liked this a lot.

6) The Last of Us
I wasn't blown away by the story(it was more window dressing for the bond between Ellie and Joel anyway) but I think it did a great job setting the mood and making you sympathize with the characters and rendering violence context sensitive instead of glorifying it. You guide the characters through a harsh struggle of survival and instead of the usual bravado there is a persistent sober undertone. And that made the game really immersive to me.

7) Dishonered.
Really great gameplay that offers a lot of freedom and the setting was just frightening and genuinely authentic. Truly superb.

8) Bioshock Infinite.
Another game with a really intriguing setting that you just want to know more of. Really shows how attention to detail and having a proper story can elevate a first person shooter tremendously.

9) Skyrim.
Just wandering around in this huge world provides a sense of wonderment that is truly unique.

10) Metal Gear Solid 4
Epic 'conclusion' to the saga even if they relied a little too much on nanomachines as a Deus ex machina.

11) Transformers Fall of Cybertron
For being a love letter to my childhood!

Honorable mentions: Fallout 3/NV, Vanquish, FEAR 2, Max Payne 3, Just Cause 2, The Darkness 2, Sniper Elite V2, Hitman Absolution, Metal Gear Revengeance, Silent Hill Downpour, Metro Last Light, Far Cry 2/3, Shadows of the Damned, 3D Dot Game Heroes, GTA4, Sleeping Dogs, Saints Row 3, Spec Ops: The Line...and probably some others I forget about. Not to mention we still have GTA5, Arkham Origins and Dark Souls 2 to come. :p

In all this generation have been truly awesome. It really peaked in both story techniques and gameplay in ways that were impossible before.

LaoJim said:
Why is there no love for racing games on this thread? 5 pages and I've only seen TrackMania and Split/Second mentioned?
I never really mention them in these kind of threads but you're right, there have been some truly excellent racing games this gen. NFS Hot Pursuit(espescially the Interceptor mode in multiplayer) is probably my favorite racing game of all time. Played that game to death. Nothing really captures that excitement of 1 racer vs 1 cop in a high-speed chase.