Zero Punctuation: Dark Souls III


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Dec 28, 2012
Xman490 said:
I actually LOVE the things Yahtzee dislikes regarding this game: the medieval theme is consistent with the narrative, the easiness allows for careful newbies like myself (Knight set) and aggressive newbies like Arin of Game Grumps (Pyromancer set) to go through swimmingly for the first few chapters, and the similarities to Dark Souls I give it a "see for yourself" kind of design that explains the story through what happens (i.e. the first boss, the first dragon, and the "release the hounds!" moment).
Jeff Loper said:
I am so using that quote about a trump oR Clinton presidency.
The question is, what would a Bernie presidency be like in this context? The demons, monsters, and undead all joining in a circle and singing "Kumbaya" like in the ending of Ocarina of Time?
I kind of agree. It makes sense for me that Lords of Cinder would mostly be living in spectacular castles in varying levels of decay unlike the Gods (or Godlike beings) in DS1 and I for one didn't find it easy at all to begin with.

I think people who didn't play Bloodborne and are used to the cautious wait for an opening tactics in DS1 actually might have done worse than people with less experience. I found DS2 extremely easy in comparison, killing maybe half the bosses on my first attempt but in DS3 I died at least once to all but one of them (Oceiros fyi) but never felt completely stuck.