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    The Last of Us is no Masterpiece

    I didn't like The Last of Us because I am bias against that game. While playing it, I could help but to think " it's still another fucking zombie game, and not really adding anything to the genre that wasn't done in movies before this" so I felt completely bored playing it. All the game is is 28...
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    Poll: Hitman Absolution hates women

    Well, it doesn't have a positive outlook of women... let's just say that. Personally, I think I have a theory of where this is all coming from. I call it, 'The Post-Xena Warrior Princess' matter. (Yeah, I know how stupid the name actually sounds but bare with me). Lol. Whenever women are...
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    5 Ways J.J. Abrams Could Ruin Star Wars

    6. Retcon the prequels like he did the entire Star Trek lore by involving time travel. As long as he doesn't blow up the planet of Yodas it'll be awesome. =D
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    Two 90s 'Trends' Pop Culture Insisted Were Geeky

    I really have no memory of people dressing like that in the 90s. Most of what I saw were baggy everything. Flannel shirts and baggy pants was more the norm. Now and then you'd see some Goth trying hard to be 'special' at school and wear a kilt along with his black everything look. But only now...
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    The Big Picture: Turtle Power - The Older, Better TMNT Movie

    Yeah, that movie was outstandingly well made, even with the production value. A kids flick, that was funny, had good action, and had an emotional center, something most film makers leave out thinking kids are too dumb to understand. Plus, best brother dynamic ever seen for TMNT.
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    Batman v Superman Director Zack Snyder Defends Aquaman

    I blame t on Family Guy. Just because that show made a joke on how useless Aquaman is, everyone now thinks it's clever doing the same. Basing their opinion on a silly cartoon. Lol
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    Game of Thrones Author Comments on Lack of Racial Diversity in Series

    A medieval European setting isn't supposed to have any diversity. Actually to them, white people of different cultures was diverse enough back then. What? There's a Frenchmen in England? What is the world coming to? A black person? They were a thing of myth. Pretty sure a medieval African...
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    Escape to the Movies: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - Kids Deserved Better Than This

    His name is Oroku Saki, he's from Japan, YES IT IS A BIG THING! You would have to really go purposely out of your way to whitewash a character like that. That's like creating a live action version of Aladdin, having it set in Arabia, and whitewashing all of them just because... just because! I...
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    Generation X Is X-Men Worst Class

    I sense the pure concentrated hatred for the 90s is strong in this weeks Intermission. Lol No matter. I'm also the same age as Bob so I completely get where it's coming from.
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    Can Dark Souls (2) be considered a JRPG?

    If we are to debate what merits what game into a specific genre, you'd notice that really the entire system that we have now would require a complete overhaul since hardly any game today can fall into the categories we have right now.
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    Fifty Shades of Grey Launch Trailer Now Most Watched in History

    There's a difference, Secretary was about a sexually reserved and frustrated man learning to open up to women through s&m shit. This movie is about a sexually reserved and frustrated good girl moaning at the camera for two hours straight, expressing all the moaning the majority of middle class...
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    9 Cliché Sexy Thrillers of the 90s

    Can't go without mentioning Fatal Attraction, which really began the whole sexy thriller scene. Although it did come out in the 80s. Also another movie with Sharon Stone, Sliver.
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    SDCC 2014: Watch the Mad Max: Fury Road Trailer

    As long as the humor that George Miller is known for in these movies is still there, I'll love it. Honestly, I find what set the originals - even Thunderdome - apart and beyond every other post apocalyptic movies is that as dark as it got, there was a welcoming sense of humor in them, NOT DARK...
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    In defense of Dark Souls 2

    Honesty from what I've heard most people seem to be in favor of DS2 over 1. I personally liked the first one more, but every time I see people put up a poll asking which they liked more, everyone of them I've seen the second game had won out. My guess is you just been paying attention too much...
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    Escape to the Movies: Lucy - It's Almost a Black Widow Movie

    Luc Beeson huh? I should have known seeing as we once again have another "I am woman hear me roar as I gauge out the eyes of ten dudes at once" leading famme fatales. That sometimes have godlike abilities to kick a whole lot of ass, that or save the world by screaming at giant planet size balls...