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    Happy 25th Birthday, Hubble! Enjoy These Amazing Space Photos

    Always nice to browse through some hubble photographs. I also appreciate them even more after I started dabbling in astrophotography. Even simple pics of nebulae, galaxies and planets are pretty hard to get right. You'd never see these things like you do in pictures. Nebulae etc. are...
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    The Witcher 3 Gets Five-Minute Gameplay Trailer

    Well I was always going to buy it but I have to say that I'm pleased with the amount of lovely witcher nonsense in this one. -Naked ladies performing some weird blood rituals -brothels -threesomes -magic bras/tops that disappear on command Sold! Again!
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    Any good game/general geek sites that dont moan about sexism/racism/homophobia?

    Shame on everyone who jumped on the OP simply for asking for suggestions. Just like reviewers who condemn games as sexist in their reviews the OP is just expressing his opinion that all this identity politics BS is BS, an opinion doesn't mean that he/she is claiming that something is universally...
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    Autumn, a game about rape

    Sounds like it will be yet another one of these extremely linear walking simulators where the game and the developers are trying to make a point. So due to that and the subject matter the game will obviously be praised by certain sites no matter what the gameplay is like. I mean it could...
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    Holy crap, Frozen suuuuuucks.

    I look forward to you making the same argument the next time some reviewer goes on a morals rant about video game characters and how they only pander to X while ignoring Y. "You're not the target audience" can be valid in the sense that a movie/game might actually be meant for demographic X...
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    Je Suis Charlie

    Fear and hatred of every muslim is obviously wrong, everyone is an individual. However no one can honestly deny that there isn't a big (as in hundreds or tens of millions, sometimes even a billion+) number of muslims who hold extreme views that go against a lot of the human rights that most of...
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    8 Games Everyone Will Be Playing In 2015

    More like a list of games that everyone will glance at and go "meh" in 2015. Where's witcher 3? Or any of the other actually hugely expected titles that aren't rushed sequels.
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    What is something futuristic that you plan to be doing in 2015?

    Playing some cool new VR games on my DK2 and on the CV1 when that comes out.
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    The Big Picture: The Terrible Twenty Films of 2014 Part 1

    Interstellar would have made my top 3 best movies of 2014 and guardrians of the galaxy would have made my top 3 worst movies of 2014 (because it represents everything I hate about CGI, idealized perfect characters, extremely pandering and marketing heavy no substance comic book movies, etc)...
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    So I started playing Crysis 1 again...

    Crysis 1 actually scaled really well. The game looked better on medium than most 2007 games did on ultra. The only reason people say that it didn't run well is because its max settings didn't run well until much later when we got the CPU and GPU grunt. The problem with that line of...
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    So I started playing Crysis 1 again...

    Crysis 2 and 3 are pretty terrible. They dumbed almost everything down. You can make arguments for the visual direction and enemy variety/coolness factor but the mechanics themselves in the sequels were dumbed down. The suit modes were mostly taken away to make the game easier and faster to...
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    Microsoft Joins The VR Race With Its Own Xbox One Headset

    How does anything in my post imply that it's a gimmick? I just said that the tech needs a bit of time to mature (due to currently insufficient screen resolution) and GPUs need to advance a couple of generations if we want a good enough experience with mainstream cards.
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    Microsoft Joins The VR Race With Its Own Xbox One Headset

    I very much doubt the current consoles are capable of providing a good enough VR experience. The GPU and the CPU power just isn't there. Even if they decided to drop the graphics and resolution of games to something quite inadequate for VR gaming the stupidly slow jaguar cores in the PS4 and...
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    Is anyone else a bit bored of Jimquisition?

    These days jim's videos (and the opinions in those videos) rarely have sort of nuance or looking at things from different perspectives. It's basically Jim making a long simplistic rants against half strawman arguments and then ending it with "thank god for me". Also full of the extremely...
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    Game Theory: Are Gamers Killing Video Games?

    I'm 90% sure that those sales charts for assassin's creed, CoD and battlefield would change drastically if you included: - AC: Unity - CoD: Ghosts + AW - BF 4 + BF hardline