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    So.... can anyone tell me what game this is from?? Thanks!
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    View From The Road: Ubisoft Needs To Use a Carrot

    You are so right. I have always got pirate copies (they are sold in almost every store, here in argentina, except for the huge companies, which are the only ones that have the actual original games...), until I wanted to play online. I can of course crack TF2, but i am no computer fan or geek...
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    Steam Gets Civilized

    I think that some kind of security is going to be included in the game. So, if that security is a program which also brings some interesting stuff in it (as opposed to only controlling you), i think the choice is pretty simple. Of course, it could not contain any kind of security, but let's face...
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    Arty Games

    ICO. Beautiful game. Simple controls. Love story. Mistery. Has it all. This is the winner, by far. Vagrant Story (PS). Beautiful setting. Great Story. I disagree on Jade Empire. The combat was... too annoying, i guess, and that caused me to play it for less than 2 hours. Then I would go...
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    DRM Systems and the Publishers Who Love Them

    Here in Argentina not only you can download pirate games, but you can also go to a STORE (not big chains, of course) and buy the copy there!!! And this is not only for PC games, but for Xbox360, PS2, WII, etc... So it kind of surprises me when all the DRM stuff only is mentioned for PC games in...
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    Stolen Pixels #168: Venn Diagrams

    Your second diagram has just gave me a new TF2 avatar.... =)
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    Why I'm Not Playing Mass Effect 2

    I know what you mean. Since I have classes almost every day, besides my regular 9h job, I cannot play a long (30+ hours) game. Also, it is a risk, I mean, I could get REALLY addicted, and end up studying 0 hours... But even when it's college time, I always have time for an hour of TF2... I have...
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    Stolen Pixels #162: Rorschach Interview, Part 4

    I'm not from the US, and honestly I have never seen Conan. But I have seen a few Leno stand ups, and I found him funny, so I will go for Team Big Jaw. By the way, I remember Conan telling Bart (Simpson) that he was the only one who could do the dance, so screw him....
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    I had totally forgotten about it. Quite gory and scary. A little on the short side, but the graphics totally made up for it. Setting hat wearing dudes on fire, was an awesome experience. I remember you needed to take drugs all the time to stay sane... Really original. Mmmm, wouldn't be a...
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    FFVIII. The best and most immersive RPG I have ever played... The love story, the card game. I just loved it! Brave Fencer Musashi (great main character) Legend of Legaia Medievil (funny, funny game) Star Ocean 2 (huge game!!) MGS Syphon Filter Spyro (lol, i felt really stupid playing the...