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    When is romance in a work unneeded and unwanted? And how would it be better presented?

    Most romances are planned from the start, and usually it works. But I think that sometimes, it's better to let relationships develop naturally. Just write the characters, and see who ends up having the best chemistry. Stubborn shippers aren't the only reason people sometimes dislike the official...
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    What changes to anime would you make?

    I don't watch much anime, or keep track of the hot new shows, but I've noticed in regards to shonen that nothing seems to be able to catch on as much as the Big Three and their predecessors did. Fairy Tail is long running, has a distinctive identity and a solid fanbase, but it's failed to become...
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    Villains in movies/TV/books/games that were wasted or underused in the story.

    I'd say Dr. Facilier from The Princess And The Frog. It's not that he doesn't get enough screentime, but I wish they had gone into more detail on his backstory, and his relationship with his friends from the other side. A villain beholden to higher powers who'll strike him down if he screws up...
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    Adventure Time

    Finn's HAT! IS! AWESOOOME! (That was a reference to the pilot for those who don't know. I felt it had to be said.)
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    Poll: Ugh, zombies

    I can't say I agree. VHS 2 had some good stories, and I think the zombie one was only the second out of five. I actually liked it, because it was a different kind of story about zombies than you usually get. It's filmed entirely from the perspective of the zombie, and you get to see a zombie...
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    *insert Joker impersonation*!

    I do as well, so I understand the urge to be literal, while understanding why it would be frustrating to other people. To be clear, I didn't mean that as a jab. That's just the first time I've gotten a captcha that was somewhat relevant to the topic at hand.
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    Anime where it sounds better Translated

    Well that's good to know. I've listened to The Major's "War" speech. If I ever decided to watch Hellsing, I think I'd be rooting for his side.
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    Not Another YouTube Bug!

    Instead of using bookmarks, I use my browser history to go to sites I want to visit. For the past couple of weeks, youtube hasn't been showing up. But I don't know if that's something wrong with Youtube, or because I'm using a slightly outdated browser and a well used computer. It hasn't...
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    Poll: Ugh, zombies Read this article, and you'll understand how I feel about zombies.
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    Unusual references in unusual places!

    Really? Archer tends to have references to craploads of different things, well known and obscure.
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    Writters, is it difficult to write an adequate ending to a story?

    Saying this without reading the rest of the topic, so forgive me if I repeat what others have said. A friend of mine said that he thinks the reason a lot of endings are disliked is because they try to add some kind of twist, instead of just giving us a straight up fight between good and evil...
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    Adventure Time

    Adventure Time is a good show, but it's so weird that it takes a few episodes to really get a sense of the characters and the world. Adventure does have several deep story lines, but the show didn't start out that way. It was a gradual process. You also have to realize that the show has over 100...
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    *insert Joker impersonation*!

    Probably just people who can't deal with someone liking something they don't like, so they have to grasp at straws to oppose their opinion. It's like how a lot of people can't accept that most things are subjective, so they have to try to convince themselves that their opinion is objective...
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    Anime where it sounds better Translated

    The english version of Panty and Stocking. The dialogue is much funnier. From what I've seen of the subbed version, the original's dialogue is downright boring in comparison.
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    Attack on Titan: How do you feel about it now?

    I haven't watched it personally, but I have read up a bit on it. I've heard that some people are beginning to feel that the series is dragging out it's mysteries for too long. I don't know how much of that has to do with pacing and how much has to do with it being a monthly series though. I've...