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    223: Obsolescence Pending: Rating the ESRB

    Erm... in order to be a de-facto censor, the censorship can be very subtle. Heck, that's how censorship works best (for the censor). Pulling a game off a shelf is not subtle and it PROVES beyond a doubt that the ESRB is a censor.
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    200: War and Peace

    SWG was (is) not solely about PvP. In fact, PvP was tacked on.
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    Leaked Modern Warfare 2 Opening Will Be Controversial

    In my view it's about time that games came of age and portrayed violence in a darker, more realistic and morally questioning way. I shall definitely be pre-ordering this game.
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    223: Obsolescence Pending: Rating the ESRB

    Any organization that rates media based on content is a de-facto censor. You can pretend it's not, but if anyone pulls boxes off shelves due to an ESRB rating, that's censorship - and it's censorship in which the ESRB plays a major role.
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    223: Obsolescence Pending: Rating the ESRB

    In my opinion, the ESRB has never done a good job, because in effect its job is to take away the parents' responsibility to monitor their children's play. No ratings board can do that - nor should they try to. The ESRB, the MPAA and every other ratings organization hurt much more than they...
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    Poll: Do You Think A Game With A Homosexual Lead Could Survive?

    One word, one man, one gayme: Brüno!
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    207: The Glory of the Last Stand

    The charge of the light brigade was not a 'last stand'. It was a charge, and some of the participants survived. The most famous British 'lost cause' last stand was (arguably) at Isandhlwana, which took place at the same time as the defence of Rorke's Drift. I do agree with the article...
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    202: Myra Comes Into Focus

    I didn't mind the style. I just found the characters unappealing. By page two I still didn't care about Myra or anyone else, so I ditched it.
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    Poll: Do You Think A Game With A Homosexual Lead Could Survive?

    I played Knights of the Old Republic as a gay female, so yes, clearly a game with a gay lead character can survive - and even succeed.
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    200: War and Peace

    "if I get into a game of Unreal Tournament 3 or Halo 3 and somebody is engaging in a peace rally, one of two things will happen: if you are my opponent, you will be marked as an easy kill and you will cost your team a good deal of points" Okay, but isn't that kinda the point of the protest...
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    200: War and Peace

    Dammit! There were heaps of us protesting in Star Wars Galaxies, years ago. Check out Cantina Crawl XII []. Game protest is not a new thing. Also, there is a severe lack of non-combat content in sandbox games. A lot of protest derives from that. Not all gamers are...
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    195: We're Off to See The Wizard

    Why does the 'Al Gore invented the internet' canard keep getting rolled out long after it's been disproved? I mean it's just embarrassing now.
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    195: The Cutting Room Floor

    Surprising to see The Last Express get this level of praise - what is it, twelve years now since it was launched? Pity it didn't get even this much hype when it came out, because this was - and still is - a truly great game that maybe five people ever played. I'm just glad I was one of the...
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    194: The Escapist On: Gaming Addiction

    Look, there is no such thing as gaming addiction. There is addiction, and people who are afflicted with addictive personalities can get addicted to anything - including games. But 'gaming addiction' as a specific condition? No way.
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    189: ¡VIVA LA R3V0LUC10N!

    "By far the most funny thing to come out of all of this is the people who aren't quite getting the joke." I agree. But the article itself wasn't very funny. This is a serious issue, and the article pokes fun at the wrong side of it. It would have been much more effective if the writer had...