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    Worst Fantasy Genre Story, Ever? Maradonia and the Seven Bridges. The author is young (and so...pretentious in her video/website that it's funny), but that's not an excuse for anything that can have this as a synopsis. "Can Maya and Joey take up the mantle of the prophecy? Can they conquer...
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    The Alton Brown thread.

    I am an Alton Brown fan, and I do agree with the person that said he's kind of like Bill Nye. His show is really the only thing I still watch on Food Network. Giada (Forget her last name, but I know she used to do a show called Everyday Italian. I think it's called something else now...
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    An 8-year old wants Gears of War 2

    When I was younger (first grade? second grade?), one of my friends had Super Smash Brothers for his Nintendo 64. He was generally a hyperactive kid and his parents noticed that he was apparently acting more violent after playing the game, so they took it away from him. I had somewhat violent...
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    What is the saddest book you've ever read?

    Flowers For Algernon, A Thousand Splendid Suns, The Kite Runner, and A Brother's Journey (written by the brother of Dave Pelzer, the child called "It") were all pretty sad. The Amber Spyglass made me tear up a little at the end. Edit: The Book Thief also got me fairly emotional.
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    Memorable song intros

    Breaking Point - Parkway Drive Gunslinger - Avenged Sevenfold Untitled 1 - Sigur Rós
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    The most catchy songs?

    The Kill by 30 Seconds to Mars. I always find myself singing it in the shower or humming it randomly throughout the day. It's not my favorite song, but it's not as bad as some of the others posted here. *ahem, maroon 5*
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    Poll: Just One Thing Wrong

    Bad music. The voice acting in Oblivion just ruined all NPC interactions. (Fallout 3 has issues with it too) (Oblivion did have some good music but I would have traded it for better voice acting)
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    How far can you run?

    I managed to get 1.8 meters, anyone who can run the full 100 is officially a god. Edit: 2.4 is my new record. :o
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    Should Eleven Year-Olds Play on Xbox Live?

    It's not really a matter of age. It's all about maturity. I was a mature 11 year old but I knew a lot of people my age that couldn't handle it then or even now, 3 years later. Xbox live can get really ridiculous. Usually I don't even plug my headset in, since there isn't a reason for me to...
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    Too Human Demo impressions.

    I didn't mind the combat system (even though it was a little clunky at first). The graphics were great, except for a few odd parts that just looked blurry or choppy at times. The MASSIVE unskippable cutscenes annoyed me, as did the camera angle. In total, I think that this is one of those...
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    Secret gaming confessions

    I play RuneScape. I've never played a Halo or Grand Theft Auto game (might get IV soon, so that might change). I still play pokemon. I create my own backstories to characters in games. For instance, with Gears of War, I wrote a story from the perspective of a Locust. Hopefully with Gears 2 it...
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    how do you act on live?

    I don't have a very deep voice (even though I'm 14, I sound much much younger) so I tend to keep my mic off on live. There is nothing really interesting to say anyway. If I'm around friends that I know won't bombard me with "ARE YOU A *obscenities* TEN YEAR OLD GIRL" I'll turn it on.
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    I'll name that beep in one.

    Headshots in any game. The chainsaw revving up in Gears of War right before you use it on an enemy. The voice of Big Daddies. Finally, the click of reloading shotguns is great, even in real life.
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    When was the last time you cried and/or teared up during a video game?

    I haven't ever had tears streaming down my face over a video game (books, a different matter), but I did find the AA Tower/Bomb Site mission in Mass Effect sad. I teared up a little, but that was it.
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    Least Favorite Features in Video Games

    Weapon degradation: This particularly made me mad in Oblivion, where I would be using my broadsword to hack away some demon, then it would break and I'd be toast. Stupid AI: Dom from Gears of War, I'm looking at you. Nice work running in front of the massive boss at the end of the game and...