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    Gearbox Reveals "Top-Secret" Title Codenamed Project 1v1

    That concept art does not inspire confidence. When an image of what's supposed to be an idealized form of your game (concept art) doesn't look exciting, then you failed at the very first step.
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    Valve Announces New Dota 2 Card Game, Artifact

    So they are making a card game out of a game that was originally a mod of a game that now has a card game... Well I guess it's going to be easier to get shit to sell for Steam money at least. Yay.
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    EA has Merged Mass Effect Studio Bioware Montreal with EA Motive

    Finally it has begun, the end of Bioware, going out Westwood style but with not even a speck of honor and respect Westwood had when they died.
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    New Fortnite Cinematic Shows How you Defend a Burger Joint

    It's going to be shit. If this came out a year after Left4Dead 2 then it would have been rated as a great game, but now most people are REALLY tired of zombies and I'm pretty sure they are bored of this kind of hoard mode games. Also, I don't know about everyone else but I'm REALLY fed up...
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    Bioware's New IP is Shared-World Action-RPG Anthem

    When I first heard dialogue in Anthem I thought it would be a very nice action story game... then it turned out that the dialogue was player voice acting. That completely ruined it for me, sure it has fucking awesome gameplay, but how long will it take before you get bored of it when it only has...
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    Zenimax Files Suit Against Samsung for Oculus Tech in Gear VR

    You seriously can't cheer for Zenimax, I didn't when they went after Oculus and this time even more so because it confirms their real intentions. They don't really care about VR, they are not making VR tech and doing this is damaging an emerging industry. They only care that suing will bring...
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    Report: Mass Effect Put on Indefinite Hold

    Bioware dead, GOOD. Next stop DICE. Once they are dead EA will have nothing left besides sports games. God I wish EA would JUST DIE.
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    Oculus Closes VR Movie Studio: Story Studio

    This thread is quite cynical. I'm more optimistic about VR despite the massive shitstorms Oculus caused, in the first place VR movies are just weird and I'm not surprised they are shutting this studio down. 1st gen is too expensive and resolution is shit, 2nd gen hopefully resolves these...
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    Deadpool 2, Avatar 2, 3, 4 & 5, New X-Men Movies Release Dates

    Avatar was only a novelty with the nice CGI and good 3D. The story sucked ass, it was full of nonsense that they tried to present as being otherwise, the setting/world of the story was as if made by a 12 year old. The sequels are not going to have the novelty quality, it's going to have to...
  10. bladestorm91 is No More. Say Hello to Blizzard App

    This perfectly sums up how uncreative this decade has been compared to the last. One is a nice tough sounding name and a stylish icon design, the other is named like a cheap mobile application and an icon with literally their company name on it which you can barely read. Something so small...
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    EA's E3 Event Will Feature New Star Wars Battlefront, New Need for Speed Among Others

    All I'm hoping for is that one day, people stop buying those shitty ass EA sports games. Literally the only things keeping EA afloat.
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    How to Fix Some Mass Effect: Andromeda PC Issues, Including the Black Screen

    Where is the fix to make the female characters not ugly? Look at the model the female main character was based on and tell me how the fuck can Bioware suck so much at character modeling. Literally the worst modeling I've ever seen, so much so that I can only think that a 'special' kind of person...
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    Warner Bros. is Looking to Bring Back The Matrix - Updated

    The Matrix would honestly benefit from a reboot or better yet a reimagining than a sequel or prequel. For all the goodness the trilogies brought us, some of the things in that world were a bit poorly thought out (using humans as batteries comes to mind). The biggest and most irreplaceable...
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    Quake Champions Will be Free to Play

    This only proves that Zenimax doesn't deserve a single cent from me. They can die together with EA for all I care.
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    John Carmack is Suing Zenimax for $22.5 Million

    ANYONE who thinks Carmack (a guy who knows rocket science, who has done more for the game industry in his first 5 years than Zenimax will ever do in its lifetime) doesn't know how to erase a goddamn hard drive without googling is a dumbass. A complete and utter DUMBASS. And second, anyone who...