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    Biden clenches the nomination.

    Not a big fan of our voting options. Hopefully Warren or a similarly strong candidate emerges as the VP front runner.
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    Share some things that make you smile!

    r/jokes, sort by top for the month, always worth a giggle or a gaggle in times of need. From this month:
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    What we Watchin? Film review by Morsomk: [S]Life of Pi[/S]

    It's definitely still readable! But Sneed's image is the golden child of a picture is worth a thousand words!
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    The reason techs hate Apple products

    Nothing worse than being a PC person and having coworkers expect you to know how to solve their Mac issues too because you're 'techy'
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    Voice Actor Rick May (Star Fox, Team Fortress) has died from Covid-19

    Someone the gaming community will remember fondly.
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    New Show Announcement - The Escapist Show!

    That's a great start!