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    Blizzard Brings Back the Name Because No One Stopped Using It

    Wait.....they initially dropped the Battle net name?! This is news to me! I guess that really goes to show how well that worked out for them hahahaha
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    Shiver Me Timbers! (or, a discussion about Pirates of the Caribbean)

    You are missing absolutely nothing with the last one. Its as by the numbers as you can get and it has this "oh yeah we still have to finish left over plot threads...meh" moment in the last ten minutes where it just resolves everything left open in the franchise straight out of the left field and...
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    Anyone watched Spider-Man Homecoming? (spoilers inside)

    Anyway, regardless of anything, it was quite refreshing not seeing Peter Parker get bit by a spider, AGAIN, and witness his uncle die, AGAIN, for a change. I overall enjoyed the movie really.
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    Black Panther Teaser Trailer

    Welcome to my life as a white South African! Did you know Cape Town had super rough storms the past few days? Yup, we are to blame []. We are really...
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    Andromeda's Troubled Development

    Hrmmm, thinking about it; when EA buys a developer over, all the exceptionally good staff usually start running for the hills after they finish their first game under them as a publisher, and in a lot of cases staff just keep spilling out or the remaining ones can't do anything worthwhile to the...
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    Ubisoft Announces Far Cry 5 and The Crew 2, Teases Assassin's Creed Reveal

    And nothing interesting from Ubisoft, as usual.
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    Has the zombie craze finally died?

    Going through my backlog it is then! I personally find both genres horribly tedious. I already spend every day of my life drinking and eating, I don't want to do it in-game too, and battle royale is a shallow mode dev's really shouldn't build whole games around. But that's just my two cents...
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    There's Apparently Another Thief Game in the Works that Will Release Alongside the Movie

    "Whats better than an unnecessary reboot?" They asked. "A movie game!" They exclamed! "What the fudge guys?!" Lots of fans wondered.
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    Datamining Reveals Overwatch Anniversary Loot Boxes and Game of the Year Edition

    Mighty nice of them to introduce new players to the game's loot system by giving them 10 boxes worth of white and blue sprays and taunts in that GOTY edition!
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    Payday 2 Ultimate Edition Announced, All Future DLC to be Free

    I love their attitude towards PC versus consoles here hahaha. To PC players: Dudes we got the best deal the best! All content coming in from June onwards is gonna be free and we'll be selling all DLC into this awesome ultimate pack and its just, damn man, value! Also all DLC is dirt cheap now...
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    PREY is getting Excellent reviews from everywhere

    What think? Two months? Three? I've got Persona 5 still to play anyway so I'm also gonna wait for that price drop, it won't be too long I bet.
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    Controversial Tropes vs. Women in Video Games Series Comes to an End

    I was genuinely surprised to see her channel only has 221k subscribers. I was expecting at the very least over a million judging from how seriously naysayers have taken her to the point of some sending death threats. Now I'm not entirely downplaying her influence, I mean one of Naughty Dog...
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    The Circle - You're Gonna Miss Me When I'm Gone

    Ah so sad to see you leave! Reading your reviews quickly became my favorite thing on this site, I hope for the best with your future endeavors!
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    Your biggest gaming surprise so far this year

    Nothing game breaking at least! I've been stuck in the landscape a few times, seen dead bodies get suspended high in the air, jumping out of helicopters sometimes result in them spinning off into the clouds like a free bird, and I've had vehicles catapult themselves in the air due to the physics...
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    Deadpool 2, Avatar 2, 3, 4 & 5, New X-Men Movies Release Dates

    I'm guessing it will be with the Apocalypse movie X-men squad. I want to say the Dark Phoneix will either be the last or second last movie wrapping up that whole early saga, with focus then fully shifting towards the future with the New Mutants but the planned release dates tells me they're...