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    I am a harsher critic for games that I like than the ones that I do not.

    I figure everyone who is truly capable of critism are like that. If it's your favorite game then you of all people should know exactly what its shortcomings are. They piss you off because you love them. If they games you where indifferent about, why would it matter to you if New Vegas kind of...
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    Hating Multiplayer Creep

    I hate the lack of split screen multiplayer in alot of these "Multiplayer centric games". I like screwing around in Halo Reach's multiplayer with my mates. I couldn't give less of a crap about Reach's online which is about as much fun as falling down stairs. The thing is once we are in the next...
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    American Box Art Sucks

    I always thought Xenoblade Chronicles and Eternal Darkness had real classy box art. The prob;em is that I can't really tell what kind of games they are. Illustrations of the enviroments definitly are prettier at least to me as a collecter they do. But the box art is there not for me but for the...
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    Angry Birds Spin-Off Puts Piggies in Planes

    Angry Birds: Nuts & Bolts eh. I don't see this succeeding with Angry Birds traditional audience. I don't consider engineering to be a simple activity that I can do while waiting at the bank. This definitly is a game I want, but on devices like the 3DS, Vita, and Tablets, which I see this being...
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    The End of the Making of Dishonored

    So the making of Dishonored is over. So I can be conifident that it is finished and I won't be the final wave of beta tester like with New Vegas and Red Dead Redemption. Sand-boxxy games have a tendency to break alot and that teleport move looks like a game freezer. But if it's finished then it...
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    Amnesia Studio Wants to Deepen Your Suffering

    If you preorder it, will it come with a an adult size security blanket?
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    Here's Conker Before His Bad Fur Day

    This looks like a left out level from BFD. From the sound of Conker, one where he does ecstasy.
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    Hybrid Review

    It had flippen jet-packs and they were used to crouch behind walls. That's akin to using a light saber to spread butter on a biscut.
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    Virtue's Last Reward Rewards Pre-Orders

    That's positivly brillant, I would pre-order far more often if there were snazzy wrist clocks involved.
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    Zero Punctuation: DayZ

    Kind of funny how no one has said anything about Arma until the DAISY mod came out. Its like your essay being recognized because your little brother wrote "AND THEN THERE WERE ZOMBIES" at the end in big blue crayon.
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    At the Expo: Love and Goodbyes

    I really do hope the Expo grows to rival PAX one day, cause that would be really swell.
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    GameStop Chief Sheds More Light on Vintage Videogame Sales

    Well I know Blockbuster and EB Games couldn't have liquidated all their copies of Conker's Bad Fur Day, I know there has to be a warehouse full of those things somewhere and I want one damnit.
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    Over 50 Games Announced for Wii U Launch Window

    I hope they throw in some shameless ports and remakes like that Zelda game what with the scary mask that they made that little teaser trailer of. And a console version of Starcaft 2 would be nice.
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    GameStop Selling LittleBigPlanet Vita Now

    I like what Gamestop is going for here "screw launch dates, Christmas NOW!"
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    "Conditions Are Tough" For Game Dev "Spies"

    Wow, how much you want to bet Arma 4 will go the "fictional country route" now.