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    Alan Turing Receives Royal Pardon For Homosexuality Conviction

    I retweeted this on twitter, I will say it here It's not ok to be gay because someone's a genius. It's just ok to be gay. They should pardon EVERYONE or no one. And it should be obvious which is the right thing to do.
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    The Walking Dead: Season 2 Releases This Month

    dude the fist episode is my favorite episode. (Psst, typo guys.)
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    Unskippable: BEYOND: Two Souls

    I want to play the Adventures of Willem Dafoe: Secret Agent!!
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    LoadingReadyRun: Enlightenment Gear

    The stinger may remind one a bit of Scientology.
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    Feed Dump: Stowaway Pocket Calculator

    Another week goes by and still Kathleen refers to herself as "Kathleen De Vere" and not as "Princess of Romania-to-be, her Highness, Princess Kathleen De Vere". Disappointed. At least the episode was as awesome as usual. I guess that'll just HAVE to do. xD
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    EA Offers Full Refunds For Unsatisfied Origin Customers

    Good going, EA. For this magnanimous show of consumer good-will, I have created an Origin account, downloaded the client, and redeemed my Humble Bundle codes. Good show.
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    Jim & Yahtzee's Rhymedown Spectacular: House on the Hill

    Silent Hill poem! yay!
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    Universal Porn Filter Coming to the U.K.

    So the funny thing is that this task is literally -mathematically --provably ---100% -----*IMPOSSIBLE.* It's called a halting problem. Look it up UK, you're apparently over 77 years behind common computer science intelligence. And that includes none of the work of Gödel. Oh, also, as...
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    Linux Namesake Argues In Favor Of Being A Jerk

    I think you're pointing out a key issue, too, that this uncensored/everything goes ideal would have people distract discussion from key topics to just call each other out. A: "No you're a doofus!" B: "YOU'RE a doofus!" A: "You're an EVEN BIGGER doofus!" C: "hey guyz we gonna code?" A&B...
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    Linux Namesake Argues In Favor Of Being A Jerk

    I reiterate my point that being professional really knows no end of benefit. Not saying you can always maintain it but you ask me what I would do if a plumber flooded my basement? I would see promptly to getting him fired. No need to yell. Edit: Just mulling over the "rather do it in his...
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    Linux Namesake Argues In Favor Of Being A Jerk

    Well, I didn't say calm had to be cold, nor professional need be unfeeling. I've worked extensively with consumers and being calm and professional are indeed key traits.
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    Σειρῆνες Seirēnes

    I literally just interrupted myself to say how funny and accurate this comic is to buy Civ 5 on community vote NUFF SAID.
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    Linux Namesake Argues In Favor Of Being A Jerk

    There's a huge difference between being professional and polite and being nice or likeable. I think Linus is confusing the two because he seems not to be differentiating them. Additionally, being able to untie your emotions from an issue and respond in a cold and objective manner is a mark of...
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    Jimquisition: Gamer Guys

    Great episode, Jim! On criminally brief review of the thread, I think we might have to have a corollary to Godwin's Law saying that all internet discussions involving gender will at some point bring up Feminist Frequency...
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    Escape to the Movies: Pacific Rim

    I shot off to see it last night with three friends while catching up on Escapist videos, specifically the one where Bob said he hadn't even seen it but urged us to go TT___TT the movie... was so ... GOOD <3 Twice now me and a bunch of friends have run off to a phenomenal movie we would...