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    Poll: Wow...... Just wow......

    It's not, while it doesn't spoil any of the major twists, it does still spoil some character stuff (how certain characters stories end etc.) and other important information.
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    Rockstar Teases New Grand Theft Auto V Trailers

    Wait a minute, did a trailer, which advertises a product, just get advertised? What happened to just releasing trailers, or actual meaningful information about the game, this just comes off to me as a self wank essentially. An attention grabber from several people working on it that can't...
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    Poll: So, let's vent about Youtube a bit.

    You do realize that while youtube does get a profit from ads, the main people you'll hurt will be content providers right? Since video's don't have to be monetized, it clearly isn't youtubes main source of revenue, it's how people who make a living off youtube, well, make a living off...
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    And the new craze is...Condom Snorting.

    Well since the taste buds in your mouth and nose are connected you can plug your nose while eating to dull the flavor if it tastes bad.
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    Surviving Your First Hunt in Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate

    Oh god no, Dark Souls and Monster Hunter are about as similar as God of War and Metal Gear Rising. They both are in the same genre and get good reviews, but they are about as far apart from each other as you can get. Different combat styles (just compare two handed sword fighting between...
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    Hand to hand Combat in an MMO

    Waitwaitwaitwaitwait what? Age of Wushu is still in Closed Beta? Are you sure, because I've been able to play all week and I don't have a key, nor have I used one. Or have I just discovered an awesome bug?
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