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    If money was no issue...

    I would hire a load of professional actors to re-dub transformers headmasters. Oh god why ;_:
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    What movies are you looking forward too?

    Like everyone else I am looking forward to The Hobbit, The Dark Knight Rises and The Avengers. Unlike everyone else I'm looking forward to: Dark Shadows, The amazing Spiderman, and Men In black3 (Yes i'm sad get over it)
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    Praise a game you hate!

    God of war had a good grasp of greek myth....Nope nevermind. Its Quick time events where....Nope. Kratos was relatable...Still nope. wow this is really hard, the Graphics in god of war 3 where good! there sorted. >.>
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    Every kid in the US has to take a test made by you

    1: Write a essay explaining how the beatles changed the music world and why they where ahead of there time. 2: Name all six main ponies from MLP:FIM 3: Who is better Queen or Justin bieber (instant fail if they say bieber) 4: Explain why music from the 60s to the 90s is much better than...
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    Most Awesome Thing You've Discovered on the Internet

    My Little pony, 9Gag, The Escapist, That Guy with glasses, Spoony, jim sterling (discovered before he joined the Escapist) The Transformers adult fandom, Youtube, oh and my girlfriend but that's unimportant. xD
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    Why is Skyrim popular?

    Trust me if you're playing on PS3 you'll find the game unplayable soon unless Bethesda hurry up with that Ps3 patch. You have to play a fair while before it starts becoming bug central though. I'm actually tempted to say it has more bugs and glitches than Fallout New Vegas. OT: Skyrim...
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    Imagine a franchise as a different genre.

    Mario as a sim game, something like sim city would be great, where you can play as Princess Peach and build up your mushroom kingdom while keeping toads happy and the economy thriving. some of the disasters could be fun too, Chain Chomp Eating up your roads, Bowser burning down your city...
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    You have the power to bring back one cancelled TV show...

    Ah, I kinda enjoyed Prime, although they did majorly mess up Unicron, that was a huge let down.
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    You have the power to bring back one cancelled TV show...

    Transformers Animated, any trans-fans out there will know exactly why.
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    Cartoons you used to watch that no one else knew of.

    You people don't know the meaning of obscure. My childhood was weird.
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    What's your favorite transformation sequence?

    1: The chaos bringer himself. 2: The beautiful sailor scout. 3: Kadaj Transforming:
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    Scariest sounds in games

    Bioshock 1: The sound of the heavy footsteps of a big daddy, And Minecraft: The sound of a creeper. D:
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    Trying to get into Doctor Who, failing...

    Pro tip: Don't get into something just because your girlfriend likes it. also I recommend watching episodes with your girlfriend too, makes the experience much more fun. However if you must watch it alone for god sake stay away from "Love and monsters" that's an awful episode....I...
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    Worst. Weapon. Ever.

    Haha, awesome now I might be able to defeat Ex-death now with this knowledge xD
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    Worst. Weapon. Ever.

    Excalipoor from FF5, nuff said. -_- It does 1 damage...not matter what you do.