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    Escape to the Movies: Kingsman: The Secret Service - Can Lightning Strike Again?

    I hate to say it, but with the forums as horribly toxic as they are currently, and the slow lose of content, I'm wondering why I'm still here. Oh look! I can get feed dump and Yahtzee on youtube! Ciao!
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    Swatter Arrested, Could Face Five Years in Prison

    If he's guilty, let him rot in jail, and serve as a warning shot to all idiot teenagers who think sicking a government paramilitary force on people is good for the 'lolz'. I've got no pity for this dickhole, who could have killed innocent people over a frakking computer game.
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    Sci-fi technology not used to its potential in sci-fi settings

    Actually, the reason boltguns are limited to the astartes is the ammunition requirements, or rather, the lasguns lack of ammunition requirements. Shifting the billions of rounds of ammunition required for a guard army to fight a war from the factory world to the front line would put another...
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    40k: Anti-Tau Riptide Tactics? Is there even one?

    Yeah, have to agree with xaszatm, that army list sucks balls. The problem with small points games is that it condenses the games worst problems and highlights them, while diluting some of the most effective treatments to those problems. I would suggest: 1: stop playing at GW stores. No...
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    The Big Picture: The Terrible Twenty Films of 2014 Part 2

    What? What film made it onto this list due to 'SJW tendencies'? Or has SJW become gamergater code for 'someone who doesn't agree with me or my narrow world view.' I too am curious. Doubt we'll get an answer though.
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    Your reaction if we went to war with North Korea?

    1:: seriously, you under estimate the human spirit. The polish didn't give up when Germany kicked them over, they formed a resistance and kept fighting, at the cost of their historic capital city. The British didn't give up when the Luftwaffe bombed London and Coventry to rubble, killing...
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    Your reaction if we went to war with North Korea?

    So, your way to conquer a nation is to commit a series of war crimes against its population, up to and including repeated genocide against defenseless civilian targets? Such a strategy would quickly see the entire international community against the US, and would result in survivors who would...
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    Your reaction if we went to war with North Korea?

    Compared to what the Japanese did to the people they got hold of, and worse, what they got away with after the war, Japan got off bloody lightly. There is a reason Japan is still deeply unpopular in the Pacific region: everyone remembers the nightmarish things they did to soldiers, civilian...
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    How Stephen Colbert Saved America

    I was JUST going to say that. Seriously, WTF?
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    Let's Look at the New Blood Angels Codex

    From the complaints from some of the HILARIOUSLY entitled Blood Angel players, this is a much more reasonable codex that doesn't completely dominate most armies by stomping them flat in turn two with a horde of FNP jumppacking marines and deepstriking murder-dreads. Frankly, it actually sounds...
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    Artist Transforms Pokemon Into "Realistic" Monsters - Update

    The Dragonite looks like an Axolotl! :geeks out: I actually really like these, though that Mewtwo and the dittos dripping of it are going to give me nightmares for a month. . .
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    'Pick-up artist' banned from the UK

    Generally, if you find a wild eyed guy in the barrens of Britain who looks lean, unshaven and wearing dirty combat clothes and is armed to the teeth, you assume he's a member of the armed forces on some punishing survival course and you make the poor sod a cup of tea and give him a mars bar or...
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    The Big Picture: Remembering the Real Jack Thompson

    Thats. . . thats it? One brief mention alongside 50 other indy games, and quoted alongside a bunch of other indy devs when a gamejam went south because it was a corporate dew nightmare? That's honestly what gamergate is flipping its shit about? This is the corruption? If I had sex with a...
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    The Big Picture: Remembering the Real Jack Thompson

    Can you provide a link to those three pieces? I'm seriously interested in seeing this evidence, seeing as I've never seen any mention of Zoe Quinn on Kotaku before this shitstorm blew up, and I haven't seen any links to the three pieces before from any GGer.
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    Zero Punctuation: Bayonetta 2 - Sheer Joyful Energy

    Oh Yahtzee what have you done? I hope you know that you are going to get doxxed and blacklisted by misogynistic mouth breathers and their legions of 'garme jurno ettics' hypocrites for a having a different opinion that they do?