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    WWE 2K16 Will Not Include Hulk Hogan

    Really obvious that Gawker leaked this as revenge for Hogan's trial
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    Australia Has Banned Over 200 Games in Four Months

    It could still happen now that Jack Thompson has put on hoop earrings and is now being taken seriously by the press that used to denounce him.
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    E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial Was the Most Important Video Game Ever Made

    I played Atari 2600 games, but never bought any, as I was in elementary school then, so whether something was worth the price wouldn't have mattered to me as I played whatever my parents bought. Including E.T. but the absolute frustration of the game didn't kick in for me cause I played the...
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    Should people lose access to a game because of how they act?

    I can't believe I'm actually reading this. You are advocating taking people's game that THEY PAID FOR, over harmless trolling.
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    Will this rig run games well?

    also I have a Radeon HD 6850 in my old computer that died? /not worth trying to salvage?
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    Will this rig run games well? I don't need the prettiest graphics, just need the games to run good. (inb4 build your own, I don't have the time or the skills) Games I play: Planetside 2 Warframe Smite Team Fortress 2 probably GTA V when it...
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    Should people lose access to a game because of how they act?

    Ban players from their own official servers? Sure. Tell server admins what they can and can't allow on their own servers? Hell no.
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    Chrono Trigger - Cause and Mass Effect

    The best part is, you can get every ending and branch through the magic of New Game + You can even do stuff like solo hardmode Lavos with the mop once you've played through enough.
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    Why There Is No Future For Old Games

    This is why pirates are actually good for gaming. Yeah, they may not be good for the bean counters and suits, but without the pirates to crack DRM, make emulators, and such, we really WOULD be in danger of losing our history. Also fuck the Walt Disney company, the politicians in their...
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    8 Movie-Based Video Games that Don't Suck

    How does this list leave out the single greatest accomplishment in movie based gaming, the X-Wing series, especially TF and XWA?
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    Making the "Right" Choice in Paperboy and Beyond

    Playing Paperboy was like working for a mafia owned paper. "So you don't subscribe to us, eh? It would be a shame if you got a copy... through that nice window you got there"