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    Check Your Privilege!

    This is inherently bullshit because it assumes that you're more or less privileged because of your race or sex (read: if you're white and male, you're automatically more privileged according to this quiz). While this can certainly be the case, it's A, not universally true, and B, women and...
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    Poll: Halo or Half-Life?

    Honestly, I've always found vanilla Half-Life and Half-Life 2 to be dreadfully boring. Forgettable 1999-style shooter gameplay (I understand it's an older FPS, but that doesn't magically make it less boring), very average storyline, the only remarkable thing about the series being the way the...
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    Poll: Male Gamers: Do you consider Kratos aspirational?

    Hell no. Personality-wise he's a murderous psychopath, and physically he's so patently unreal that I don't see how I could ever look like that (even if I wanted to, which I don't. I've always found the body builder look repulsive).
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    Americans, what's so great about the Imperial System?

    Who said all Americans think it's so great? I fucking hate the fact that my country is so ass-backwards and run by so many ultranationalist conservative types that anything any other country in the world uses is considered "communist" (because said ultranationalist conservative types have a...
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    Anti-gun control people, where would you draw the line?

    TEXTBOOK strawman fallacy. We're clearly talking about firearms here, not nuclear warheads. And seriously, if you're going to suggest that one person with an automatic weapon can cause anywhere near as much damage as a nuclear weapon, I'm going to have to ask you to step outside.
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    You know, you people who deny that white, heterosexual men can be and are discriminated against (why yes, I am talking about you, three out of four Escapist members) are just as bad as the people who deny that members of other races, homosexuals, and women can be and are discriminated against...
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    Hotline Miami 2 Devs Remove "Rape Scene" From Demo

    So what you're saying is that game developers should never make a game involving any sort of shooting, because it might be traumatic to shooting survivors. You MUST be saying that, because it's EXACTLY the same logic. Media sometimes portrays unpleasant things and the dark parts of our...
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    Poll: Women In Combat? Yea or Nay?

    Set physical requirements. Have training to determine who meets physical requirements. Those who meet them are in. Those who don't meet them can go home and try again next time. I've never understood why anything else - sex, race, sexual orientation, gender identity, etc., should be a...
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    Why do PC Gamers Oppose Using a Controller?

    What's not to understand? A keyboard and mouse simply offers greater and more precise control compared to a controller in most types of games. I'm sure there are some wannabe-intellectual pricks out there who will call me out as some kind of elitist for stating this, but I find it to be true...
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    So why is it offensive to consider homosexuality as a choice?

    Once again, you guys are confusing the choice to act upon your sexuality with your sexuality itself. You can most certainly choose whether or not to have sex with a person you find attractive. You cannot choose to find that person attractive in the first place. Your sexuality is determined by...
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    So why is it offensive to consider homosexuality as a choice?

    It's not so much offensive as it is just factually incorrect. Did you choose your sexual orientation? I never did. I just started noticing girls when I reached a certain age, and that was that. No conscious decision involved. Now granted, part of what you're saying is true - you can...
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    Movie Defense Force: Godzilla

    I never understood the hate for this movie. I guess because "it's not Godzilla?" I agree with Jim, watching it on its own terms, it's a perfectly decent kaiju flick.
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    Ellen Page: Naughty Dog Ripped Off My Likeness

    Trust the good citizens of the internet to take one brief comment and blow it into a week-long debacle. Especially when said comment was quite justified. At no point did I hear Ellen Page demanding financial or other compensation, at no point did I hear her threatening to bring legal action...