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    Watch an Hour of Star Wars: Battlefront III Gameplay

    Looks like some quality improvements over battlefront 2, would have been nice.
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    E3: Leedmees

    This is the kind of uniqueness that makes the kinect shine as an input device. Way to go, Leedmeed!
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    Battlefield 3's Pre-Order Firepower Upsets Gamers

    It is always a point of contention where bonus content should fall in terms of the scale between cosmetic and practical. I don't really see this being something too earth shattering, and I wouldn't be surprised if we will simply unlock the exact same features rather early in Multiplayer progression.
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    Rock Band to Guitar Hero: Thanks for the Memories

    The first (and best) two of the series was made by them, yes.
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    Is This the Leaked Ending of the Next StarCraft 2?

    Truly Enjoyable. Honestly though, pretty much exactly what I assumed was going to happen. Still very cool though! EDIT: Also, have you shown John yet? Or is he still drooling over Cataclysm?
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    Need some opinions on this laptop

    Very nice laptop, especially if it is the first you have owned. I believe the video card is a bit older than some, but should be able to tackle most of your gaming fancies. VERY nice find for 400 dollars!
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    Question of the Day, November 24, 2010

    Lets get some Byrd up in here! Love both bands, but Beatles come up on top for me.
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    Rumor: Bethesda Making Direct Sequel to Oblivion

    Just logged in for this, so I can say: Oh My GodOh My GodOh My GodOh My GodOh My GodOh My GodOh My GodOh My GodOh My GodOh My GodOh My GodOh My GodOh My GodOh My GodOh My GodOh My GodOh My GodOh My GodOh My GodOh My GodOh My GodOh My GodOh My GodOh My GodOh My GodOh My GodOh My GodOh My GodOh...
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    Preview: Minecraft

    Such a great game! Might I shamelessly plug in our very own Minecraft Usergroup? [] Also, we have a server! See you there! I would say yes. There is a very small chance it may change in the long run, but it...
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    Deviled Easter Egg in Black Ops Multiplayer Map Revealed

    Love, Love, LOVE that song! I'll have to do this when I get back from work.
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    Multiplayer Overview: Call of Duty: Black Ops

    Nice Review Mr. Funk, maybe one day I can hope to see you through the scope of my supressed AUG's ACOG scope ;)
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    Critical Miss: Noobgrues

    When I had originally seen Zork as an option in the PC screen, I laughed quite hard. Can't be arsed to play it right now however, having to much fun with the rest of the game. 4 player split screen is hilarious in DOA.
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    Review: Call of Duty: Black Ops

    I didn't mean to insinuate that he was comparing it to MW2, I was simply inferring that I myself found it a more interesting and enjoyable experience than the one I had with MW2.
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    Review: Call of Duty: Black Ops

    Odd, I thought BO's storyline was much better than MW2. But it just goes to show that opinions differ, and some enjoy different games more than others. Some people should probably realize this, and think that because they did not enjoy the game, that their opinion is somehow better than those...
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    Collegiate Quidditch Players Seek NCAA Recognition

    Looks a lot less ridiculous, and more fun when you remove the brooms from the equation. :/