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    So You've Decided to Watch Law & Order

    People forget (or I'm the only one who noticed) just how good the series was from season 2-7. It declined a fair bit after, eventually sinking totally into utter mediocrity around the time Fred Thompson showed up. But if you can catch the early episodes (TNT was showing them early morning...
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    Good Game, Well Played

    At some point the whole purpose of playing is to make things as awful as possible for yourself and everyone you're playing with. It's like the goddamn Dark Side. Give in to your anger. With each passing moment you make yourself more my servant.
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    Any good game/general geek sites that dont moan about sexism/racism/homophobia?

    I'm sure there is some place like that. You should stop posting and go look.
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    Super Fighting Robot Soapboxium

    Look, the Newsroom may be a sanctimonious, solopsistic, agitating mess; it may be overblown with sorkan mary-sue-ism and blatant misogyny. But it has Sam Waterston going ham in every scene he's in, and I'd watch that until the sun blew up.
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    Science: Injecting Human Cells Into Mice Brains Makes Them Smarter

    So my 'eat moar brains!' lifestyle now has a solid scientific basis. But hell, even if it didn't I don't think I could give it up.
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    The Big Picture: Don't Censor Me!

    I kinda wish Bob had convinced the Escapists web folks to disable comments on this video. It would've made a point, and it would've been funny!
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    Jimquisition: The 100% Objective Review

    I'm offended. The idea that electric fields in integrated circuits are configured to present interactive audio-visual media is progressive SJW-ish-ism-ist revealing the biases of the reviewer that have no place in THE ETHICS. Pointing out that I'm writing on a computer is a STRAWMAN. I'm...
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    Zero Punctuation: The Evil Within - As Bad as Bad Horror Games Can Get

    TIL Alice Springs is a town in central Australia.
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    Movie Defense Force: Fireproof - The Official White People Problems Movie

    At first I thought it was particularly dumb to take a baseball bat to your old CRT and spread shards of glass all over your lawn. That's it.
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    Don't Watch Dis-Topia, Watch Dat-Topia

    Nineteen Eighty-Four is really underappreciated. Probably one of the best book-to-film transitions ever done.
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    Escape to the Movies: Leprechaun: Origins - Fool's Gold

    I didn't know I needed "Scooby Doo: Wrestle Mania Mystery" in my life, but I do.
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    Thor Is Getting Gender-Flipped. Officially.

    Is it Kelda? Lost track of her during/after Siege, and vaguely remember some misfortune concerning her. But if it is her, hopefully we get to see the return of Bill, son of Bills. I liked Bill.
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    Eighty Percent of Light In The Universe Is Missing

    Another JJ Abrams Star Trek will leave us in absolute darkness.
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    Guillermo del Toro: Studios "Not Interested" in Hellboy III

    "Hellboy made a lot of money. Hellboy 2 made a lot of money. But we don't understand how Hellboy 3 would make a lot of money."
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    Movie Defense Force: BloodRayne - Meatloaf Is A Vampire In It

    Yesterday I was all "Where is MDF?? Did Jim get drunk and forget to do it?" Today I'm all "Oh Jim got drunk and forgot to do it." I forgive Jim though, because even though has wasn't in "Ghandi", he wasn't in "BloodRayne" either, and in in the end, isn't that enough?