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    Marvel Announces Ant-Man Sequel, Three Other "Mystery" Films

    Nobody seems to be pointing out that Ant-Man is the *outro* to Phase 2, with Civil War being the beginning of Phase 3.
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    Cosplay Recreates Final Fantasy VII's Most Famous Moment

    "Most Famous Moment" That's not cross-dressing Cloud!
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    These Babies in Geeky Costumes are Cooler Than You

    That title? That's the reason this article doesn't have comments.
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    Galactic Kids Next Door: Possible Leak, Possible AF Joke

    Alright guys, this is what we got. Another slightly animated video with news that there are no plans for a show as of now. April Fools everyone!
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    Twitter User Unleashes Guinea Pig Cosplay Onto the Masses

    Ah, yes. "News". GG Escapist.
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    Escape to the Movies: American Sniper - An Empty War Film

    Wow, it's almost as if it had been screened for critics over a week ago. That'd be crazy, wouldn't it?! A world where movie critics get to see movies before they come out to formulate a review? That'll /never/ happen. /s
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    Report: Sony Will Release The Interview on Crackle For Free - Update

    This comment should be getting so much traction. You countered OP with a completely valid and legit article and he's not taking it into account. Either he hasn't noticed or the Escapist's clickbait game has gone up.
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    8 Underrated Anime Series You Should Have Watched

    You're right that it may not have sold well in the west, considering that the extent of its release there was one season over 10 years ago. That said, it's not underrated just because it didn't do well in the West. Otherwise we could say, in the case of a completely hypothetical example, that...
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    8 Underrated Anime Series You Should Have Watched

    Rugby. Not football. Otherwise yeah, that was a mighty fine episode.
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    8 Underrated Anime Series You Should Have Watched

    Hajime no Ippo sure is underrated. You know, what with it being in serialization since 1989 and being one of the most influential sports manga out there. But you know. "Underrated".
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    Blood Draining Game Peripheral Needs $250K From Kickstarter

    I feel this would need re-tweaking since firing in videogames also rumbles. So it's basically shoot or be shot that makes your controller rumble.
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    Finally, You Can Play Saints Row 4 On the PS4 and Xbox One

    How about fixes for all the game-breaking glitches like getting stuck in the menu without being able to save? Seriously, those glitches were so frequent I probably lost 10-15 hours from them.
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    Escape to the Movies: The Expendables 3 - They Finally Got The Action Formula Right

    Bob confirmed for loving Wendy's. And who can blame him, Wendy's is pretty fucking rad.
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    An Occupational Hazard

    Awesome, I got the Destiny code! OT: Accurate as far as EA goes.
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    Destiny Beta Code Giveaway

    Can we get any hints towards where to look?