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    Researchers Say Too Much Freedom Causes Unhappiness

    Changing classes might be too much, but respecs are a must have, I don't care what the "professionals" say.
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    Zero Punctuation: Far Cry 3

    I hadn't laughed as much as I did with the "strategic maulings" part of the video in a while. The best I've seen so far has been a dog assault on an outpost though. It wasn't very effective unfortunately.
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    Zero Punctuation: Hitman: Absolution

    Deus Ex HR and Just Cause 2 beg to differ!
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    Zero Punctuation: Syndicate

    "A syndicate ran by Brian Cox doing his best Rip Torn impression". I laughed my ass off.
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    U.S. Spec Ops Veteran: Modern Warfare 3 Commercial a "New Low"

    Context is important, but people don't really care about such "trivialities" when they see something they want to be offended by. This is about a game, and it's meant to represent what happens in said game. It's not referring to real life war. People are so touchy nowadays.
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    Zero Punctuation: Serious Sam 3: BFE

    I love both Serious Sam and Painkiller, but I really don't get how Painkiller innovated the genre of running and shooting hordes of enemies. My PK experience has always been run dodging stuff while blasting their faces away (same thing I did when playing Serious Sam). In fact, I'm not sure...
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    Do evil thoughts make you evil? Like, really evil thoughts?

    To me, morals are all about people's intentions. So if the guy would like to do bad things because he's a racist/misogynist/etc but doesn't because he is law abiding, he is evil. Fear isn't a morally acceptable motivation for civilized behaviour. I'd say an evil person is someone who would...
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    Poll: Skyrim; Empire or. Rebels?

    I sided with the Empire. Stormcloaks are jerks, and Ulfric is the biggest jerk of them all. I don't fully agree with the imperial policies, and I HATE the Thalmor so much... but still, the rebels are not doing things the right way and their leader is worse than the Empire. I just hope the...
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    Yahtzee is going to murder Saints Row: The Third.

    The game is great, but I miss some details from SR2 like: -Various melee combat styles. -The ability to customize your gang's cars (in SR3 you just pick from a few default ones). -The HQ customization is just boring (I miss the stripper pole). -The "spray crap all over the neighborhood"...
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    Ubisoft Kills Ghost Recon: Future Soldier on PC

    I would have expected this from Epic... but Ubisoft? I'm disappointed. Know what? If the multiplayer was going to work as badly as Conviction's, I won't lose a thing.
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    After the Apocalypse: A Dead Island Retrospective

    Wow. Lots of people hated the coop? Didn't even know that. I loved it. If it wasn't for the coop I would have quit the moment I got to the city. I hated that map. All the originality of the game went to hell. "Another destroyed town? I've seen millions of these!" I shouted to my coop partner...
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    Don't wear the American Flag on your shirt in California schools, you might offend the Mexicans.

    I don't like a lot of what I'm reading here. From what I've seen in Wikipedia more than 50% of Mexicans in the US are legal, and if someone is a legal immigrant, they have the same rights you have. Yet people react to the mention of Mexicans like they were all criminals. (And of course, if...
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    Epic: DLC Needed to Fight "Used Game Culture"

    Maybe the problem lies with their expectations? (Insert rant about non-stop corporate greed for greater revenues). I don't agree with that. Once you buy it it's yours to do as you please, even resell it. I spit on their rights! Figuratively. If art supplies makers decided they wanted a cut of...
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    Trailers: Saints Row: The Third: Steelport

    Oh man this looks so good. I wasn't very excited about it, but after this trailer I just can't wait!
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    Leaked Premise for Alien Prequel Supposedly Explains Xenomorph Origins

    This sounds quite similar to the comic Aliens: Earth War. Sometimes you have to explain what happened before if you intend to let people understand what's going to happen later. Say, if instead of a full prequel it's a sequel with flashbacks or other kinds of past exposition (however they might...