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    RTS Classic Total Annihilation Comes to Steam

    Yes, the original limit was 150 units I believe, but with the Core Contingency add-on (which added 75 units), it was increased to 250. If you edit the Totala.ini you can a much, much higher unit limit, though I think you need the 3.1 patch first. So many milestones were hit with this game...
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    Poll: ESDF The OTHER keyboard control system

    I pretty much exclusively use arrow keys, and going from them to WASD/ESDF is just weird.
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    Fan-made Anime Star Wars Short Will Leave You Breathless

    That was brilliant. Just brilliant.
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    Secret Russian T-14 Armata Tank Revealed

    That is what I thought. On Wikipedia it says: So that explains a few of the issues I had with what I could see.
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    Poll: Do you know the words to your national anthem?

    I only know this much: So I think, yes?
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    The Critical Miss Guide to GPUS

    Brilliant. Absolutely brilliant. I don't know why you'd want Titans, even with their memory bus (the old GTX 200 series had wide buses to make up for the fact they had DDR3 memory if I recall).
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    Need Some advice (SC2)

    Starcraft 2 is a fun game, whether you want to be super competitive or just have fun and play with/against friends in custom lobbies or versus the AI. The great thing about it is that you can go as deep or as shallow into the game as you want. Want to improve? Team Liquid's Liquipedia is a most...
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    No Right Answer: Is Gaming A Sport?

    Gaming isn't a sport, but electronic sports are. It's the difference between a friendly kickabout in the park and a champions league final. It's the same game, at a massively different skill level, arena, stakes and money to be won. The amount of effort and time some of the best e-sports...
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    The Four Stages of Creative Sandbox Gaming

    Didn't find it funny, unfortunately :`(
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    Dragon Age Inquisition was Bioware's Worst RPG to Date

    I think you misread my post :) I said "drops were useless and I had to rely on crafting for better armour and weapons I also agree with what you are talking about too. :D
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    Dragon Age Inquisition was Bioware's Worst RPG to Date

    I can agree wholeheartedly, OP. It was a horrible experience, though for me, drops were useless and I had to rely on crafting for better armour and weapons. I'd like to see what the game would be like if you removed the filler and power requirements and played the story pieces one after the...
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    Steam Machine Pricing Revealed - From $459 to $4,999

    $459 for that? lol. No thanks. I don't like steam, but with more games using its DRM I have no choice. I don't need a SteamBox because I don't play PC games in my living room.
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    Microsoft: "We've Lost Our Way" on PC Gaming

    I'm not buying an Xbox Live subscription, and PC gamers would destroy console players.
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    Poll: Has Dragon Age Inquisition out-skyrimmed Skyrim?

    I had to re-make 3 characters because of save bugs or mod incompatibilities with around 400 or so hours played in Skyrim, and I could happily play it again without them. DA:I was an absolute snore fest and I have no intention or desire to replay that game. Reading about the story on Wikipedia...
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    Report: Legacy of The Void Beta Coming This Month

    There's a typo on "Zeratual". It should be "Zeratul" :D