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    Skyrim, where's the fun?

    I think this is entirely untrue. I play many games in different genres and I love the RPG setting. Skyrim is simply lifeless and shallow compared to Oblivion and Morrowind.
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    Nostalgia Thread

    Tekken 3 was a massive part of my childhood, and every time I play it I get my nostalgia everywhere.
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    Say something to an inanimate object.

    I'm not 100% sure about the particular model, but I certainly know of it's indestructible capabilities.
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    Say something to an inanimate object.

    We all own inanimate objects. We must. We also all have inanimate objects which we cherish and love. Some of us would love to say something to let them know you love them. So if you could say something to an inanimate object of yours (or not) what would it be? Mine would go something like...
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    Tips for someone new to Minecraft

    Pretty much this. Also, DO NOT dig straight down. The chances that you will fall into lava or a massive mineshaft are high, and nobody likes that.
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    Poll: Poll: Did you complete Skyrim's main quest?

    I finished it gradually, and it was meh. It was better than Oblivion's main questline, but I still consider Oblivion the better and more enjoyable game.
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    Poll: Did you achieve what you wanted to at school?

    I'm in my final year of school. I made it. The pressure is amping up now that I have entered the final half of the year, the final half a year of my entire schooling life. I'm determined to do well, I always have done well. But the stress is piling up now and the work load is getting...
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    Your most disappointing film.

    I didn't like it. It was just...meh. I had the same problem, everybody telling me how brilliant it is so my expectations were high but I was left pretty cold.
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    Someone tells you they're an alien

    Kill them and harvest their organs for science!
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    Your most disappointing film.

    I'm surprised it took to the second page for someone to mention this film...
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    Your most disappointing film.

    I've heard some people say it's a good, fun film. But the majority warn me to stay away. I'm assuming I should take the latter advice...
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    Poll: Tales from the Urinal (and beyond!).

    So I wasn't unique?! Read my post for context...
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    Poll: Tales from the Urinal (and beyond!).

    Oh god, childhood embarrassment coming right up. First day of school (ever) ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever I'll stop... Walk into the toilet just before lunchtime and do my usual thing. I walk up to the urinal, and drop my pants. Now this is how I have always done my...
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    Your most disappointing film.

    Simple question. What film were you most disappointed by? I'm not speaking of the worst film, but one that left you feeling cheated. You watched all of the trailers, followed all of the build up closely and you were shaking with anticipation when you walked into the cinema. But then you...
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    Recommend me some music, please.

    While the third is definitely the weakest of the three (main releases, not counting d-sides, g-sides and the fall) it did grow on me. Yes, It's not as good, but it still has some wonderful tracks like Empire Ants and Melancholy Hill